1st Half of Summer Update with 2023 Ontario Provincials

It’s been a while again! A little overview of the last little while here. It’s been fairly routine and same old, which is why I haven’t been writing as often. As always, I’ll start with a little life update – but if you’re just here for clix stuff, you can skip down halfway to read about my 2023 Ontario Provincials Tournament write-up.

The kiddo turned 26! Still unbelievable to me that I have a kid in their mid 20’s. We did our usual quiet birthday. Got a blueberry lemon cheesecake for dessert. We don’t usually do presents and instead do a dinner out somewhere, but this year there was actually something he wanted, so a present it was instead, and I got him an electric razor.

Update on my physical health is mostly alright! My blood pressure has gotten to a good place with the meds and watching sodium intake, so the doctor is actually letting me experiment with lowering some of the meds to see if I still get good results on smaller dosages. So far so good, fingers crossed it continues to be good with them lowered. My B12 is finally in a good place, so she told me to just take a supplement once or twice a week as maintenance instead of every day. She said that people who are prone to it being low will always be susceptible to it low. My D3 is still low, but not as low as it was, so I do need to continue taking that supplement every day. I also have to go back on the iron pills again for a few months as it’s dropping low again. I suspect it’s from my crazy period that lasted 3.5 weeks (and she’s sending me for some tests to confirm it’s still just the PCOS throwing it off and not something more). The only other level that was off was my good cholesterol was a little low. Everything else came back great, thankfully.

Mental health has been pretty steady. I haven’t felt any really strong anxiety or felt really low lately, which is awesome! I have had some low motivation times, where if I don’t have any specific plans for the day, I just kinda stay in bed with netflix and do nothing for hours. I know there’s stuff around the house I’d like to be getting done, but it’s hard to get going. Thankfully those aren’t that often as I’ve been filling my calendar and that gives me the jump to get things done.

The construction work at my house feels like it’s finally getting underway. He’s been really slow at getting to me but now that the weather is great, the front can finally be finished with the concrete being poured and the steps finally built. Last week the back half of the roof got completed, so the roof is finally done too. Once the front of the house is complete, I’m going to have him work on the back. I just can’t wait for it all to finish being done! Of course, as things get done, more things get found and the repairs go up – so I hope not much more gets discovered as I’m just over budget already. Thank goodness for the line of credit available – I just hope to not have to use too much of it. This girl likes to not have debt!

I really haven’t been doing all that much with the side business lately. I’m still doing it but just very low key. Those of you in my Facebook group will notice that I don’t post all that often anymore. I just haven’t had the energy to do it as much. The pay-off for it has been quiet. The algorithms have made it that not many people see the posts anymore anyways. I do still love the product and continue to use it, but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep going on it. I do however love having something to fill the odd time with, but maybe I’ll just look at doing something else instead – just need to figure it out!

Heroclix – it’s tournament season!! We just had Ontario Provincials this weekend. Next month is Canadian Nationals and the month after that is Worlds! I love having so many events to look forward to! I’m going to get into a recap of Ontario Provincials here shortly, but before I do that, I wanted to share that the Dial H guys asked if I’d do an interview for their Meta Files series that they’re doing leading up to Worlds. I’m the 3rd one in the series and I’ve linked it here below! In it, I chat with Ian about the team that I played for Ontario Provincials. Spoiler alert, I’m done with the team now and will be changing it up going into Nationals and Worlds. I don’t know what exactly yet, but I’m over this team. I’ve been playing a version of it for almost a year now and I’m ready to change it up.

So speaking of the team, this is the current version of it (if you didn’t watch the video to see what it is). Prize Apocalypse at 145 +5 for the sword bearer trait, prize Genesis at 35 +5 for the sword bearer trait, Carnage Silver Surfer with the red symbiote, Star Sapphire with the pink ring, legacy Green Lantern with the green ring and prime Hulk with the cloak. I had some Skrull Spy’s and a Sentinel on the side and of course a tarot deck (charge, phasing, shape change, blades, willpower and the star). For these games, I was choosing warlock sword on both Apoc and Genesis for the extra roll out – that’s what I’d named this team, All The Rollouts.

Round 1 was against James. He was playing a team of prime Captain Brittain Rogue, Weapon Hex with soul sword, Sheriff Gia Whitechapel and prize Saturnyne. He won initiative and put us on Ultron’s Layer. I did some healing with Hulk, put up some barrier and moved up a little. He did some repositioning. I noticed that how he’d set up, Saturnyne wasn’t next to anyone to mastermind to, so I went in with Apoc to get her. He managed to get some range attacks off on me with some of the pogs and I didn’t get some shape changes, so he got some damage in on me while also taking out some of the pogs with the mystics – making less pogs for CSS to chew through. I had Hulk close enough to charge in on Rogue and, dealing her 7 damage with my L terrain. CSS hyper’d in to finish her off and tried to get damage on someone else but I think they rolled the senses. I can’t remember any of the other specifics, but in the end he wasn’t able to KO anything of mine and I won when time was called. 135-0, 1-0

Round 2 was with David C. He played a team with 2x Grodd, Maggot, Ch’p and High Evo prime. He won map roll and chose to go first. I put us on Council of Red. He got a successful JL roll and put a token on Hulk, I think. He sent over his Zabu pog and passed turn. I did some healing with Hulk and had to go after Zabu with CSS. Unfortunately for me, I rolled a 3 and missed and I placed terribly that I didn’t have line of fire from Apoc to prob. So I went into a bit of a defensive position with some barrier and putting shape change peeps in front. He brought the whole crew over and managed to turn Apoc into a monkey. I took something of his out.. I think Ch’p and I got a successful Skrull Spy roll that prevented him from getting Scrappy in and forced him to deal with it and not my main force guys. Details from here escape me, but I remember he was able to turn Apoc into a monkey a second time this game and was able to take him out. I had enough with the rest of my team to pick off his pieces took the win. 300-195, 2-0

Round 3 was against Cris who was playing Switch, Sakky, Carnage Silver Surfer, Frog-Man, Felix Faust, The Commissioner, Surtur and Carnage. Cris put us on Fountain of Asgard. I did the usual Hulk healing and moved up just a little bit. He came out a little bit, up on the elevation. I flipped the phasing tarot card and saw that I could tk Apoc and be able to make a range attack on his Switch. I went 1 square cloeser than I needed to, to hit her, in case she rolled shape change, so I’d have another target. No successful shape change but I couldn’t roll high enough to hit her, even with my prob. Because I was that 1 square closer, he was able to tk Switch into place with Sakky choosing tk and stuck Apoc in a rune. He easily took Apoc out with his CSS. I had Hulk close enough that he charged in and hit her to her stop click and then finished her off with CSS. With my big guy out, he was able to pick off the rest of my pieces easy enough and I was unsuccessful in taking anything else out. Cris won 75-300, 2-1

Round 4 was with Devin. He played Cosmo, Maggotx3, Ch’p, The Flash and Prime Beast Boy. We’re both 2-1 at this point and we know that one of us will make cut and the other won’t. Worst position ever. We knew it could go either way as we were about even in playtesting. He choses to go first and I put us on Council of Red. He moves up just a little bit, to be in strike distance next turn. I do some Hulk healing and notice that if I tk Apoc, I can get him in place to take out Cosmo, always my first goal against Devin. My rolls were successful and out goes Cosmo. He comes over and takes out Sapphire, GL and Hulk with the Maggot pogs and Flash attacks. I bring Apoc back over so he’s in position to strike next turn (he positioned everyone 1 square out of Apoc’s reach and I couldn’t attack with him coming back over). I can’t remember what else I did that turn. He uses a stop sign to surround Apoc, but placed it 3 squares away, so it doesn’t actually affect my improved movement. I come in with Apoc and I think was able to get something else out. This is where he surrounds me properly with a stop sign. He’s taken out everything else at this point, as well as destroyed my dropped equipment and I know there’s no way to win this. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t concede tho, so we played it out of him attempting to hit me and get past all my rollouts but wasn’t successful in taking him out when time was called. Devin wins and makes it into the top cut. 90-160, 2-2

I ended up in 6th place and hung out to play a battle royal while top cut went on. Once that was over, I watched the rest of the finals match between Mike and Cris. It was a fantastic match and a big congratulations to both of them on the finals and especially to Mike for taking the win!

Afterwards a group of us went out to dinner to keep the day going and spend some more time together. Joe came from across the boarder so of course we wanted to spend some extra time before he went back. Always great seeing clix family!

Now it’s time to build and practice to get ready for Canadian Nationals in about 6 weeks. I have 2 teams to decide on for this one. A new 300 modern meta team and a 300 silver pulp team. Clocks ticking! I’m glad that results from States/Provincials and this weekend US Nationals are rolling in for ideas and seeing what’s currently on top.

That’s it for me this time. Hope you’re all doing well out there and can’t wait to see a bunch of you at Canadian Nationals!

Until next time, xoxo