Pandemic Week 70 – Stage 3 Open

Here we are with stage 3 open!  I still have all kinds of anxiety around the reopening, but I’m getting more used to being out of the house again. I’m still being super cautious and keeping the mask on when out of the house, washing hands/sanitizing and keeping my distance.  Up until this week, I’ve been using my reusable mask any time I’ve left the house – but when I got my 2nd vax, they made us change our mask to a disposable one and it was so much easier to breathe.  So I’ve gone and purchased a box of them to use now that I’m leaving the house almost every day.  I am happy that the new cases in Toronto has been getting smaller and smaller. I’ve been seeing between 10-40 new cases a day, so it’s certainly way down from where it was.

I started the week with a dentist appointment and it was good practice for leaving the house and taking public transit.  Everything was good at the appointment, no new cavities (I have some in my wisdom teeth.  They’ve been there for years, but they don’t bother me and I don’t have pain at all from them. So while I have no health benefits and it would come out of pocket, I’m holding off until I need to).  After the appointment, I decided to take a walk before getting on the subway to go home.  I’ve been sitting so much and know that I’m going to be having long and active days coming up with going back to work, so this is a step to help ease that a little.  It was nice walking for a good 20 minutes and as a bonus there was a little produce store on the corner before going into the station and they had some really nice looking strawberries for a good price so I grabbed some.

Tuesday I got blindsided with a side biz shocker.  I’m feeling super disappointed and was in shock for a few days.  They gave us 2 days notice to say that they’re shutting down the site for a few weeks and when they reopen, they’re going to be an affiliate program only – no team building or earning off those you sign up.  So the team I built now has no benefit at all and will be gone.  It feels very crappy to have JUST opened in Canada a few weeks ago, have people sign up and then to have the whole system changed.  People who had joined haven’t even received their kits yet or had a chance to do anything themselves. 

You all know me.  I’ve loved having a side biz. I love the team support and social aspect of it. I love how much self confidence I’ve gained from doing it. I love the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve build. I love the distraction it gives me and how it keeps me busy in my spare time. The bit of extra cash I earn doesn’t hurt either, but it’s never been my main goal of it.  So I’m looking around and seeing what’s all out there and what fits with what I love – my easy pretty nails.  That’s always been my passion. There are a few companies out there, so I’m weighing the pros of them and will make a decision when I feel ready – there’s no rush here.  I guess the universe really wanted me to embrace my CHANGE word of the year! 

Here I am, back to the world of work again.  After being off for 9 months, it sure is a shift going back again. First day was Wednesday to get things set up and make sure things were working.  Updating passwords and making sure various computer programs were working took quite a while.  It’s a good thing we were there to do it though because a bunch weren’t working properly and we were able to work with tech to get things working correctly.  Thursday was cleaning/prepping, but I wasn’t able to make it as I had an appointment I couldn’t miss.  Friday was opening day and I helped on the door with contact tracing.  As I was leaving, I was asked if I could help on Saturday doing the same and I said yes – may as well get those extra hours in with having been off so long. 

Can I just say how exhausted my brain and body both are as I’m ending the weekend here?!  After being home for 9 months, my body is not used to being up and active for 10-12 hours a day.  I’m really glad to be off today to rest.  When I got home yesterday, I could barely move.  My muscles and joints are all so sore. I’m drinking a ton of water, alternating Aleve and Advil and taking nice hot showers. I’d love to soak in a hot bath, but I’m worried about getting up and out with how sore my knees are, so sticking to the showers for now.  I know it’s just for the transition and it’ll get better, but dang am I sore! 

This weekend was also Pokemon Go Fest.  I bought the $6.99 ticket to play.  Saturday was all about different tasks of collecting different pokemon, hatching eggs, walking, sending presents, new friends,  hearts with buddies and beating rocket grunts. I managed to get it all done while to and from work on the bus and also went and sat in a park for an hour before going home.  Sunday was based around raiding gyms.  Thankfully, this fit right in with my rest day and I was able to do it all from home while relaxing in bed and using remote raid passes. The pandemic came in handy for that being a possibility. They gave free remote raid passes, enough to finish all the challenges. I had a blast playing and got some new shiny ones as well as a whole bunch of legendary ones that I didn’t have yet.  Definitely worth the price of the ticket for me. 

Update on nutrition, hydration and sleep is all good.  A combination of the CBD and being back to work has definitely made me feel tired and ready for bed before midnight and I’m sleeping that solid 7-8 hours before getting up to head back into work. I’m packing myself healthy snacks/lunches for work and with no kitchen open at work, it’s giving me no option but to have the healthy food I’ve packed. I’m also still doing great with the water – all the ice at home and I’ve been making sure I have a bottle of water alongside my tea so I’m keeping the hydration up while at work too. 

That’s it for me this week!  Hope you’re all staying happy and healthy.

Until next time, xoxo