ROC Canada Cup 2018

Last weekend I had a chance to play in the ROC Canada Cup.  The 2nd biggest tournament in Canada each year.  I decided to stick with my same team that I’ve been running and have had success with.  I went to link back to my last article to share what the team I’m playing is, but I’ve just realized that I never shared the team in it!

So here goes, this is the team I’ve played at the last few tournaments:
(Samantha) Captain America
Shredder Clone with Ocean Ressurection
Iron Heart
Kite Man (Hell Ya!)
Pym Pocket Tank
Boxing Ring
Wolverine ID card
Wolverine Bounty ID card
Cyclops Student ID card
Professor X ID card
Chamber Student ID card

The way my team usually functions is that Kite Man carries up Sam Cap, Shredder and the tank follows.  Iron Heart carries up Dust.  Iron Heart can outwit something.  Sam Cap calls something in to try and pull off an alpha strike.  Shredder sidesteps in for 1 more click of damage. Dust puts down smoke to give Shredder his stealth and/or in position to hopefully damage.

Round 1 I was against one of my play test buddies, Tom (spoiler alert, he goes on to win the whole thing).  He’s playing a Gotham City team.  He wins map and picks the Batman map that he’s paid for to get his extra pogs. He moves up Haha Joker and the tank and positions his pogs. Because he has no retaliators, I move up and sidestep Shredder into his tank and a pog to kill them both.  I don’t remember much of the middle of this game other than he used a pog to throw a light object at Kite Man needing a crazy number to hit and actually getting it.  He won by 5 points.  So I’m 0-1.

Round 2 I was against Jason O.  He was playing an x-men team.  He carried his team up in a clump and I came up and did my alpha strike with a call in Wolverine to tank his team.  I hit with the tank on my 1st attack of the flurry so was able to finish off one of his Wolverines with the 2nd attack of the flurry.  He called in a Wolverine to try and get back at me.  I managed to also kill that Wolverine on the next turn.  I don’t remember the final score, but when time was called, I had more points for the win.  This gives me now 1-1.

Round 3 I was against Kyle.  He was playing a cosmic team with Lockjaw and Starfox. He won map and moved up about halfway. I decided to cautiously move up because I didn’t want to attack yet before killing off his retaliators.  I couldn’t do that turn 1 because they still had immunity.  I didn’t stay hidden enough and he ended up tanking my team. This made it a really hard upward battle for me, but in the end, I won out on points. I really thought he had me and I was playing on tilt for the whole game.  Now I’m sitting at 2-1.

Round 4 I was against Matthew.  He was also playing a Sam Cap team but his was with a whole bunch of retaliators.  I managed to win map roll, something that doesn’t often happen.  I put us outside in Genosha.  I move up my Leslie Evans he gave me and keep everyone else in 1st turn immunity.  He spreads out his retaliators and moves Sam Cap up near the middle of the map.  By spreading out his retaliators, I was able to target the ones that were scariest to me (I couldn’t get them all that first turn, but I could get 3 with my Professor X call in).  I managed to hit them all and now his team wasn’t quite so scary.  Again, I don’t remember all the details of the game, but I did win the game, putting me at 3-1.

Now is do or die.  4-1 was getting into the top 8 cut for sure.  A few 3-2 make the cut as well, but none of my games were full sweeps, so my points weren’t likely high enough as a 3-2 to make it in.  So I’m really looking for the win.

Round 5 I was against another play test buddy, Mike. We have been practicing A LOT!  He’s playing a Gotham City team and he wins map, putting us on his Batman map with lots of hindering and obscuring to hide his stealthy team in. I knew that I needed to hit my alpha strike to have the game go my way.  He hides in one of his little pockets and jacks up defenses to make everyone really hard to hit.  I call out my Wolverine to flurry and miss both attacks.  He calls out Cyclops and gets the stats up enough to be able to one shot Sam Cap.  I call out the other Wolverine and again, miss both attacks.  He’s able to pick off my pieces one by one and I can’t hit a single attack roll.  I am not able to kill even one piece and now I’m sitting at 3-2 with not enough points to make the cut.

I had carpooled to the event with Tom and Mike, and they both made the top cut (YAY!!), so I stuck around and played a few battle royals for fun.  While it sucks to not have made the top cuts, I’ve been on a pretty hot streak lately and it was bound to cool off.  I do enjoy the game and have a blast, even when I’m not winning.  Playing against other super tough competitors is what I enjoy most.  I almost always pick up a new trick or learn something new by playing against other high level players and out of town players as each area seems to have their own play style.  As always, I look forward to the next big events! Coming up are some WKOs and Worlds.

Until next time, xoxo