December 2022 Catch-Up

Time sure does fly! December was definitely a don’t blink situation because it sure passed quickly.

I started the month with a great weekend sleepover with my bestie and her girlies to celebrate her eldest’s birthday. With a flashback to the 90’s, we had a blast! Lots of games and activities, drinks, food and friendship.

It was a month for connecting for sure – I also spent a few hours with a girlfriend for our dinner out. I miss how often we used to do them, but of course life and the world get in the way and I’m glad we still make the time for them when we’re both able. 

It was a quiet month for gaming with no events scheduled for December. I really should have been making the time for some practice with my teams for Florida, but time just kept getting away from me. Lots of long work days and just crashing early. Good thing I know I’ll have fun regardless of the outcome of my matches because I’ll be hanging out with friends and enjoying the moments.

My mental health has been on the okay side. I still have the anxiety lingering there in the background, but it’s at levels that aren’t overwhelming and I’m able to easily cope and live. Physically, the knee is STILL sore and not fully healed. However the blood pressure is finally in a normal range and the meds were not added to or changed this time. My doctor also didn’t book me to come back for 3 months instead of 1 – so things are going in the right direction.

Of course I have to talk about the holidays. We had our usual super quiet Christmas. For those of you new reading around here, we’ve made the decision as a family to not purchase gifts at all and we also don’t decorate (save for a small plastic Christmas tree with mulit-coloured lights and displaying any cards that come). What we do is have some traditions around food, drinks and hanging out (we played some Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on the playstation as a group and and binge watched Big Bang). Christmas eve we do meatballs in the crockpot and turn them into meatball subs. I invite my parents to come by and it doesn’t matter what time people arrive, it’s ready to go and no one is stuck in the kitchen. I also did some baking as I always do – but this time did less variety and made half batches instead of going crazy. We’re all trying to eat a little better and really don’t need the level of baking around the house that I used to do. I also wasn’t feeling the motivation to crazy bake either. Christmas day we all pitch in for a prime rib roast and all the trimmings and just hang out some more. we also usually listen to Raffi Christmas for some childhood nostalgia – I did that myself this year while baking. I truly love the low-key holiday without the pressure to make things “perfect” or do a ton of spending just because it’s expected. It works for us this way because everyone is on board with it and no one feels like they’re missing out on doing more.

I ended up working New Years eve and got all sparkly and blinged out. I finished just after 11 and got home right as midnight was hitting, hopped on a group video chat and promptly went to bed after. Of course I had to add to the bling with my nails and I love how they turned out. These are the result of the subscription box for December and it was so easy to put together with the step by step instructions and video. I can’t wait to get the January one with the theme of Love to see what’s in that one (sales for January have closed already)! Next months box is announced with the theme of Virtual Resort – Escape on a high-tech break from the every day with a DIY design box of cybernetic shades. I have no idea what to expect with that one!

Of course I missed writing down notes and have forgotten other notable things from the month. But that’s okay – looking forward into January and going on vacay. It’s coming up fast! I leave in 3 days! All the plans for the pool and hanging out when I get there and then all clix all weekend. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and wish you all the happiness and growth in the new year. 

Until next time, xoxo