November 2022

Lots of Heroclix these weekends. Between the month 3 XoS SLOP events, pre-releases and releases. I got to play the XoS SLOP events at 3 stores and I’m super thrilled that I won 1 of them and got the grand prize Apocalypse. Now I just need to see if I can’t get my hands on a Genesis to go along with him as I didn’t get close enough for 2nd at another event. I enjoyed how different this event was and was only irritated at how difficult trying to collect it all is. I’m a big fan of the tarot cards and it’s really hard trying to get them all. I’m fairly close with only missing 8 of them right now – but the only reason I’m even that close to collecting them all is because I played at 3 stores, was able to get extra rounds in at all of them (expensive!) and played in the event at Worlds too. As for pre-releases, I only got to play in 1. There was a 2nd I could have gone to, but it overlapped with one of the XoS events. I was also only able to make it to 1 release event as well – and thankfully I got both the map and figure so it was okay that I wasn’t able to make the others. There’s not too much from this set that I’m overly trying to get anyways. I also got my case and using it for some sealed home games with the kiddo – and thankfully it was a great case and gave me most of what I was hoping to pull. So there’s very little that I’m wanting to hunt down. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to play in Florida. I have 2 teams that I need to build. A new 300 modern team and a pauper team. I have a few ideas that I’m thinking around, but I really need to take some time and really get some concrete ideas to try and see how they do on the map.

I hate that my health is still not the greatest. When I went to the doctor, she still wasn’t happy with where my blood pressure levels are and has added a 2nd medication to hopefully get the levels to lower. My knee is still in terrible condition. It keeps almost healing but not quite 100% and then it tightens up again. I hate how uncomfortable it is and I hate even more that it’s preventing me from doing all the walking that I’d like to do. If I go too long, it just makes my knee more tight, so I really have to pay attention and not push it too far. On the mental health front, I’m doing mostly okay. The anxiety has been at a mostly low level and I’m managing to keep any depression on the back burner by keeping the calendar really full. The few days that I’ve had nothing planned, I can feel how quick it all could get bad at the flip of a switch with zero motivation to even get out of bed. I just wish that the looming loneliness feeling would subside.  

The side biz is doing fantastic! I’m back in the groove of posting in my group every day and occasionally on instagram too. Last weekend I did a vendor event and got to meet a whole bunch of great people, got samples on a lot of the guests and made some good sales. I have another event on December 3rd and I can’t wait. I love doing events so much and I’m glad I got a few in this holiday season. This has also been an exciting month for launches too! Do you love subscription boxes? Guess what?! That’s right – you can now sign up for the new Color Street subscription box. Each box comes with a variety of looks plus a bonus item and shipping is included! You have until the last day of the month to sign up, your card gets charged on the 2nd, it ships in the first week of the month and you can skip a box at any time. Also – the Canadian shipping warehouse finally opened this month! This means that we now have access to the flammable items that we couldn’t get before – the polish remover and nail strengthener. The polish remover was so popular that it sold out quickly and they’re hoping to have it re-stocked in December. Let me know if you want me to reach out to you personally when it’s available again. 

I can’t talk about the side biz without also talking about Black Friday! The deals are live already and go until Friday at midnight CT. All nail strips and hand care are Buy 1 Get 1 Free (lowest items in the cart are the freebies) and all the lip line is 25% off (there are a few exclusions. The foundation strips, the biggest hand care bundle and the diamond lipstick bundles are not included). They said that there will also be something for both Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday too, but they haven’t let us know what it will be yet – so stay tuned and join my Facebook group if you haven’t yet to find out as soon as I know!  

Getting a little (read that as a lot) frustrated with lack of progress on the construction of the mudroom. I know I got a deal and I’m a super patient person, but it’s so close to being done and keep getting excuse after excuse on the delays for the final bits to complete it. You all know me with my struggles with confrontation, so I’m struggling with reaching out to complain and just keep hoping to see him – but he hasn’t been around as much as he used to be (for those who don’t know, he lives next door). Now that the weather is getting cooler, I really need the railing on the front stairs and the gutters put on so the snow/ice doesn’t drip onto the top step and keep it all icy and melt any salt away. I went and got stuff to seal/cover the flooring so it doesn’t rot as we come through with wet feet too – so it’s one less thing to wait on him for (and not paid to him yet).  

Pretty quiet month around here otherwise – miss you all!  

Until next time, xoxo