October 2022 Catch-Up

How have we already got through October already? Wasn’t it just spring and here we are, already fall. I’m still having a great time being social and getting out. I feel like I’m really not home all that often – between work, Heroclix events and vacationing.

I won’t go too much into vacation here, as I just wrote over 7 thousand words over the last 4 posts. But for friends who aren’t into Heroclix and didn’t read my experience, I do want to touch on my thoughts from being away. First, I’m super proud of how well I did and coming 17th in the main event. Second, I’m even more proud of myself for travelling alone to get there. By going a day early and staying a day later than the locals who I usually travel with, I had some great experiences with different groups of people, and I likely would not have had those same conversations if I had not. I definitely want to incorporate more of that in my life. Can’t wait for the next vacay in January – yes, another Heroclix trip to Florida and I hope to see a whole bunch of people show up! 

I’ve really been enjoying the X of Swords SLOP event and I’m feeling so grateful that I have 3 local venues to play at. It’s still going to be difficult to collect everything from the set, but I’m closer than if I only had 1 store to play at. Right now after month 2, I’m currently in 1st place at one of the stores, so I’m in a great position to at least get one of the two top prizes. I hope I’m high enough at one of the other stores that I can get the other. I would like to try building with both of those pieces, so I’m really hoping I’m able to pull off winning both. Month 3 events are happening this weekend and next weekend – so fingers crossed! 

Physically I’m not doing so hot. I re-injured my knee again while away and now, weeks later, it’s still not fully healed. It started as inflamed, tight and swollen and every time I think it’s almost better, I step wrong and it’s back to almost where it was. Definitely not as bad when I first injured it, but still hurting to take steps, especially stairs. I know time and rest will heal it, but I’m feeling rather impatient with it and want to get back to all the walking again. I’m doing it when I feel I can take steps okay, but I’m missing more days than I would like to. The blood pressure is still not where it should be either. My doctor has increased the meds again to the max and is going to see me in another month. Even with watching the amount of sodium I’m having; it’s still not really lowering to where it should be. I’m glad that everything else seems to be holding steady and in normal ranges and I’m not dealing with more. 

Mental health is kinda all over the place. On the surface, I’m mostly okay. I’m functioning and if you saw me, you’d think I was great. There’s lots of things happening with friends and family and around people all the time – yet I keep having the feeling of being lonely. The anxiety has been pretty high lately too. A mix of not feeling good enough to the point of really bad imposter syndrome, worried I’m letting people down and being so scared to step out of my comfort zone. It was so bad that I went into a full-on panic attack one night. As a people pleaser, it was really hard making the decision to say no – and I’m still not 100% sure it was the right decision, but it was what I felt to do in my gut. Therapy this week didn’t feel anywhere long enough to unpack all this. I’m finding that I’m leaning into vaping more often at night now to clear the noise in my head, calm me down and help me fall asleep. I grabbed an indica and alternate it with the CBD as needed. I’m not doing a ton of it, just more frequently. 

Last week I had a super scary bus situation on the way home from work that shook me, and I wasn’t even involved. An idiot jaywalked across the street, right in front of the bus as it was pulling out of the stop. Thank goodness the driver had the reflexes that he did and was able to stop the bus before hitting her. He opened his door to yell at her and she got on the bus and tapped her presto card. The driver yelled at her at how dumb it was and kicked her off the bus. A few stops down, he stopped the bus, stepped off and walked a minute before getting back on (I assume to calm himself and clear his head – completely understandable!). I felt compelled to write TTC to put in a compliment about how well he handled the situation and if she puts in a complaint about him kicking her off the bus/yelling, that his actions were completely justified – and I let him know that I put the compliment in as I was getting off the bus, to hopefully help with is calming. 

I have 2 in person vendor events coming up for the side biz and I didn’t even have to search for them, they reached out to me from having previously participated with them pre-covid. I’m so glad that she kept me in her contacts and reached out to come back! She then asked if I was interested in another one that she was helping market too and it was a weekend that I was available, so I said sure! They’re both reasonably priced and fairly close to where I live. One is supporting a church and the other is a theater that is supporting a shelter. Fingers crossed for good turnouts and lots of samples on nails! 

There really isn’t too much new around here that I can think of, you know me, I just keep chugging along with the same old. 

I hope you’re all doing well and remember I’m here if you ever need an ear to listen. 

Until next time, xoxo