Ouch! Pop! Hurt knee is never a fun thing!

Travelling home from Nashville on the dreaded flight where I had my rock bottom moment (I need the guts to hit “publish” on that post still – if you see it linked here, then I finally had the courage to do it!). I go to step out of my seat into the aisle and I must have had my leg at an odd angle.  POP.  There goes my knee.  I literally hear the pop noise and instantly sit back down.  A caring passenger asks if I’m ok as she passes me and I say I am. I just sit patiently until the rest of the passengers have deplaned and walk down the aisle.  This plane, being a little one, is one that needed to be boarded/deplaned on the tarmac instead of onto a ramp right into the airport.  For boarding, that meant going up the set of stairs to get into the plane, which would mean the same for deplaning.  Thankfully, there was an elderly gentleman with a cane on our flight.  This means that they set up the ramp to go down onto the tarmac instead of the stairs.  I don’t think I could have done stairs.  At least walking through the airport from the far corner to where customs is wasn’t too bad and if anything, it kept me in motion to avoid seizing up.

As soon as I got home, I knew to ice it right away.  I also took some Advil and made sure to drink my CoreAO, both to help with the inflammation.  I was really hoping that I was getting ahead of it and that I didn’t hurt it too bad.

Nope.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. When I woke in the morning, I couldn’t even stand or put any weight on it at all.  There was no visible swelling or bruising, but it was definitely very tight inside. I had to hold the walls just to make it the 10 feet to the bathroom.  I knew that I’d have to be off it for a few days.  Thankfully, I’d booked that day off work already to recuperate from vacation and spend some time with my son, who was visiting from out of town.  I also had the next 2 days after that off as well, so I had 3 days to heal it enough to function.

I definitely needed those 3 days!  I literally spent them in bed, with ice, Advil, CoreAO and rest.

Would you believe, now a full month later, it’s still got some stiffness in it?  Time to build those muscles around my knee back up.  No swelling anymore at all, that was gone in a few days.  But I can feel it still, especially on stairs, where the pop happened.  I’m not surprised. I’ve always had trouble with my knees for years now, so I knew healing would take a very long time. Maybe one day they’ll figure out what’s causing me the pain.  Nothing showed up on xray or ultrasound.  But I’m mobile and walking around, so that’s a win!  On to strengthen!

Until next time, xoxo