Pandemic Week 113

This feels like a crazy week with something scheduled extra or different than just a normal day, every single day but Monday – but even that got extended and I got stuck at work an extra 2 hours. Tuesday I went to the other location for work. Wednesday had plans both before and after work in the form of getting some blood tests and going to an art gallery, Thursday was a 12 hour shift, Friday had company. Saturday playing Heroclix and Sunday visiting a friend and going to a movie.

I’m ready for work to be back to being smooth. The long days are draining. Don’t get me wrong, the extra cash is nice, especially with the renos going on and more stuff keeps coming up adding to the cost – but I miss the old days where things just went smooth and I had the option of leaving a little early if I felt caught up. It’s been a very long time since I felt that way and I keep ending up staying late trying to get stuff done. I do like getting to go to the other location sometimes though. It’s nice getting to see my co-worker in person and work through things face to face. Sometimes it’s just easier to explain and grasp things when in person instead of over the phone.

I got up early Wednesday because I’d made my appointment to get blood drawn before work. I was impressed that my appointment was pretty much on time and was only there for about 20 minutes total. That was nice – considering last time I needed to get blood taken I was there over an hour waiting. This time I had a whole bunch of vials taken. Now that I’ve found a new family doctor, she wanted to get a bunch of baseline checks to see where I’m at with things. I see her next week for the results – so you know I’ll update that here next week. Fingers crossed for everything healthy! I’m really curious about the iron levels.

After work Wednesday I met a friend at the Gardner Museum to see a really interesting exhibit by Shary Boyle. I’d gone by that museum before but have never been in. so it was neat to experience. Her collection was thought provoking and the more I looked, the more I saw. So many of her pieces featured faces and the self sculpting or self drawing of them – almost like re-creating or molding how she sees herself.

Thursday was a 13 hour day. It’s so tiring by the end of it. Friday though, I actually decided to leave an hour early. So many times lately that I’ve tried to do that have gotten sidetracked by something time sensitive, so it was really nice to actually say I’ve done enough for the week and the rest can wait. I also had company at home. The kiddos dad was here visiting from BC and came over for a night to hang out with us all. I did however still take my quiet alone time in my room when I got home so I could recharge and wind down before being social. Can I just say that I’m proud of myself for doing what I know I need to be doing for my mental health instead of just pushing myself into what I used to just jump into because I thought it was what was expected. It’s so empowering to be putting myself first and caring for what I need. 

Saturday was a super long day, but it was filled with greatness. I went out to Pickering to play Heroclix again. It was the same format of building 3×300 point teams and playing a different team each round. I brought some casual fun stuff that I knew was going to do terribly but I had a ton of fun playing it. I started with a AIM team starring Red Skull. Then played a fun gorilla team around Gorilla Grodd with a bunch of Gorilla Knights. I ended with an animal team that I started with Brood Queen and a bunch of Broods and filled it out with a Falcon and Lockjaw to carry a bunch of the Brood into the fight. After the matches, Matt and I went out for coffee again to hang out a little more and again, we had some great conversation. And instead of going home, I headed over to see Jay and spend the rest of the weekend with him. We went out for dinner and a movie to see the new Dr. Strange.

Sunday I woke feeling pretty anxious. Jay was still asleep though so I took the time in the quiet to do some self guided meditation. Thankfully that helped to calm me so it was a lower level again. After he got up, we went for coffee (tea for me of course) and a nice walk with a friend of his and then played a game of Heroclix that had such a crazy roll happen. Spider-Man has a power that says an opponent attacking him can roll 3 dice instead of 2 and I can remove one of the dice. Well after re-rolling him 3 times, doesn’t he roll 3 6’s?! Of course by then I’m out of prob and Spider-Man doesn’t get to roll his Super Senses because of the critical hit. 

I ended the weekend by coming home and relaxing in a really nice bath, doing a face mask and just generally relaxing. Once I finish writing this, I’m packing up the laptop and my bag to be ready for the morning where I’m starting the day by going out to the other location again – it’s going to be another crazy busy week! 

Until next time, xoxo