Pandemic Week 119

In pandemic update this week, I noticed that the TTC is no longer having masks mandatory and instead are strongly suggesting wearing them. Basically changing their policy to exactly what people have been doing the last few months anyways. I also noticed the same thing on the GO train when I was on it last weekend, so it’s definitely coming to where it’s not required almost anywhere. I am continuing to wear mine as that is my comfort level to still have it on. I did notice in the description for Canadian Nationals that they will be required. 

Speaking of Canadian Nationals, on Monday I practiced with Sam online and I’m glad I did because it’s helping me feel a little more comfortable with the team. As we were starting, she had to take a quick work call and Dan hopped on the headset and gave me a few thoughts as well which I very much appreciated. Definitely need more practice still, especially on losing map and deciding the threat order and optimal gem choices. But I may need to start practicing an alternate team choice because this week, two of the figures that I’m playing is now on the watch list. Depending what they decide to do to it will decide if I’m playing a new team or the current one. I really don’t know what I want to do if I need to change. I have a few ideas of starting points, but really don’t know. But with just 2 weeks until the tournament, I hope they make their decision on the watch list sooner than later.  Then on the weekend, I did more practicing on Sunday with Mike and Devin again. The two of them came over and we all got a few games in. I’m definitely feeling more and more comfortable with it but also definitely still need a ton more practice. Dan has also been reaching out asking how I’m doing with it and offering suggestions and things to think about. Jay will also be doing some more practice with me this week against things I haven’t yet played against to have some more variety of testing. 

This week I was supposed to go out for dinner with Dave, my old boss. He randomly reached out that he was thinking of me and saying hi and we decided to set up a dinner to catch up and hang out. It’s crazy to believe that it’s been 10 years since he was my boss. So much has changed. Turns out our schedules couldn’t line up and we have to reschedule, hopefully for next week. We ended up having our dad over for dinner that night as a late fathers day dinner instead and it was nice to hang out a couple hours. 

Saturday was spent at a Celebration of Life for uncle in Ottawa. He’d passed over Covid (not from Covid) and due to the times, this had to wait for a safer time to all be together. We went as a day trip, so left at 7am to be there for the 1pm start time. My dad’s side of the family doesn’t have very many people still around or local so it was good for us to be there. It’d also been a few years since I’d seen any of them and it was nice to do a small catchup. It’s so sad that the only time family seems to get together is funerals, weddings and milestone birthdays. We all love each other, but it just doesn’t feel like we’re all that close. I’m a little envious of families that are super close and get together just because. I’m so shy and quiet with those I’m not super close or comfortable with, so I always feel so awkward. I’m not good at small talk but I love listening and being part of conversations. 

I know this is a little backwards if I was going in date order, but I started the week with a great big grocery shopping for a ton of produce. Now that I’m trying to eat very reduced sodium, there aren’t a ton of easy snack or meal options. So I stocked up on all the fresh stuff that has no hidden stuff like packaged stuff does. Every day for work I have brought 2-3 fruits, 2-3 veggies, a whole wheat sandwich of some type (usually peanut butter or fried egg) and my yogurt. I did find some low sodium Triscuits that I’m really enjoying and I brought an avocado along with it a few days and just scooped it out with the cracker and it was delicious and so filling. I’m feeling so much lighter and not so sluggish, which is really nice feeling. Along with the eating much better, I’m also doing great with the walking every day. I even went for a short walk after getting back from the funeral after being in the car for almost 10 hours. I was so stiff when I stepped out of the car that I knew I needed to move my body a bit. Even with the drastic food changes I’ve been doing to avoid sodium, I’m not noticing my blood pressure dropping very much yet unfortunately. Hopefully by staying consistent with it, it will happen. I really want to do everything I can to not have to be on meds, but will of course go on them if I need to. If I do, I will continue with what I’m doing to try and not have to be on them too long. 

The work week ended with me getting a new Magic Bullet. I’m excited to make some smoothies (and if I’m being completely honest, crushed ice for Peach Bellini’s too!) I had one before but it broke and I never bothered to get a new one before now. I’m looking forward to the options it’s going to open up for me of things to make. All the frozen fruit for the win! 

Biz wise, it’s been a great sales week with quite a few orders coming in and I spent Sunday night addressing thank you cards to go out in the mail. I’m glad the month is ending strong! I still need to get a picture of my current mani to share, but it’s such a pretty blue sparkle from the anniversary collection. It was a little sheer so I doubled it up for a more solid look and liked it better that way. 

Can you believe the year is practically half over already?! I can’t believe it’s already the end of June and officially now summer. 

Until next time, xoxo