Pandemic Week 13

Woah! Looking at the date that this update is going to be posted and it’s exactly 3 months since the city of Toronto shut down. This last week has been mostly positive. I definitely felt a whole lot more relaxed and my sleep was mostly really good. I’ve been staying up late and sleeping in, but I’m getting close to 8 hours each night. I’m sure it’s a combination of my mind being a lot calmer this week along with remembering my magnesium and sleep spray each night.

I started the week with a random message on my Facebook business page from a past consultant who was interested in picking the business back up again so she reactivated. I can’t wait to see where she takes it!

I went live twice this week too. Once in my VIP group to unbox some boxes that arrived and once on my business page to show a demo. I actually joined an accountability group for a challenge of going live on the business page more often to try and increase visibility. I need to decide a few more topics to go live about in the coming weeks.

Now that I’m feeling a little better mentally with a little more energy, I’m slowly getting through things I’m wanting to get done around the house. My goal is to knock off a few things each week to get it better in order. Things not always done like changing the shower curtain, deep dusting, listing stuff to get rid of on freecycle and so much more.

I did some baking this week too, but it was from a box mix. Fresh made at home is way better than store bought and these blondie brownies were fantastic.

Also looking at the date this is getting posted, it’s my son’s birthday in exactly 1 month.  I should figure out what to get him because shipping has been SO slow.  Speaking of shipping – I got my case of Heroclix!  I don’t usually buy full cases.  I usually get my pieces by playing in various pre-releases and releases so that I’m collecting while playing.  I usually end up with at least a case or a case and a half by the time I’m done playing.  However, I really can’t complain with my case.  I ended up with 2 chases (Black Manta and Wonder Twins) and the prime Batman.  No duplicates in the rare or super rare slots and 8 team up cards.  No complaints here.  

I got a quick call from my boss this week too with a quick question.  We don’t have a date yet for reopening but I did find out that we will be opening sometime in stage 3.  Our city is still in stage 1, but most of the province is in stage 2.  So it still seems like it will be a ways off before I’m back to work.  I don’t have too much longer of the CERB, but I have a few months of EI that will kick in when the CERB ends.  I am hearing the possibility of the CERB getting extended though, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.  I also have continued to pay the mortgage payments this whole time and didn’t opt for the deferral of my payments that was available, so if everything runs out and I’m still not back to work then I can look into that if it comes down to it.  

All in all, a pretty good week and it feels really good to be able to say that.  

Until next time, xoxo