Pandemic Week 12

I feel like I have a whole bunch of notes written down for stuff to write about this week. Which feels crazy to have had so many moments to note when just home like this for the week.

Let’s start with continuing the Roger’s saga.  So that UPS order that was supposed to send me actual printed labels to return equipment – ya, they sat at the Printed but not Shipped step for a week again, just like last time.  My dad came by to take my brother grocery shopping and offered to bring me to the post office too.  I accepted.  I just want to be done with this.  There’s no way I would have been able to walk to the post office with that size of box or wait in the line ups holding it.  It was too big.  

Which leads me to my next topic – actually going out for more than a walk.  This was my first time being with someone who doesn’t live in my house and going into a store since March 20th. That’s 2.5 months!  It felt really weird.  I had finished my mask, so I had that to wear, but the fogging up my glasses wasn’t fun.  I had to consciously keep myself from touching my face – especially after I used a pen at the store to fill stuff in on the customs form for one of the packages I was sending to the US (I can’t wait for that package to arrive – the receiver has NO IDEA of the gift I’m sending.  And I don’t want to spoil it here in case they’re reading.  But I’ll share once they receive it). Then made sure to use sanitizer before touching my phone. At least I combined the trip to get rid of the Rogers equipment with sending the gift and also a Heroclix sale and also picked up some more stamps for sending thank you cards for my business. After the post office, seeing as both me and my brother have now been around my dad, we invited him in to join us for dinner – the first guest over since this lock down started.   

This week my extra house guest caught her flight back home.  So the house is back to its normal amount of people again.  The last few days she was here I helped her do her nails, we treated her to Swiss Chalet because she can’t get that back home and I helped her pack her bags (I’m great at getting everything to fit in as little space as possible). I’m feeling a whole lot more relaxed now and not as anxious.  I really struggle mentally being around too many people and had a hard time feeling comfortable.  It was different than going out a group, like for clix, because I could always come home and recharge – but I couldn’t fully recharge when it was in my own home.  If it was just the initial 2 days that it was supposed to be, I would have been fine, but it turned into 2.5 months.  I’m glad that she got home safe and her flights were uneventful. 

Lastly, we had a day this week with super bad thunderstorms.  So bad that I had floods in the house.  A bunch of water came in one of the basement windows and water came in from my sliding door in the living room too.  My bedroom window also came off the hinge when I went to close the window.  So needless to say that I’ll soon be looking for quotes to get my windows and doors replaced – seeing as that’s half the windows/doors in my house anyways needing looked at.  Hopefully the Covid stuff settles some more and I’m able to get people out to look at what’s needed to give quotes and do work before the next big rain storm.  Thankfully, it doesn’t happen on normal little rains, just when it’s super heavy. 

Until next time, xoxo