Pandemic Week 22

So I decided to do something this week that I haven’t done in a while… I signed up for a Heroclix tournament! That’s right, after months of not having played (and thus no blog tournament reports from me), I’ll be playing in the ROC Online Nationals!

As I’ve shared before, I’ve just not been feeling mentally well enough to have the energy to build, play and socialize. However, for the last week I have been sponsoring and observing a whole bunch of games for a charity tournament. I felt strongly lead to participate in this tournament because it was supporting mental health and while I didn’t feel up to playing, I’m super glad that there was the option to donate as a support piece to offer extra re-rolls. I chose to sponsor 6 people and decided to take the names of all 48 players and randomize it to choose who I was going to sponsor. The top 6 of the randomized list were the ones I chose. It ended up being mostly people who I have never talked to before, which was amazing. I had some great conversations and really got to know most of them. I can’t wait until travel opens back up and I get to meet them at the next big tournaments.

So thank you to Ares for putting on the charity tournament. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch so many games and it got me feeling to play. As a bonus because it was 300 modern format, it let me have a look at the types of teams being played and all the new figures being played from the 3 sets that were released during this pandemic. I’m still not 100% on the ins and outs of them all of course, but at least I got to see some in action to have and idea what they do.

In having decided to play in Nationals, that means coming up with a team to play. I played around with a robots team, but it really didn’t do what I wanted it to. Then I wanted to play a fun ‘placing’ team with Valeria and chase Cap. While fun, I just know that it won’t do enough to make it out of the swiss rounds. So surprise surprise, I’m back on Vulture. I saw a friend of mine playing a version of it that is random good stuff and I pretty much adopted the team from him and tweaked the sideboard to suite my play style. I had a chance to do a few practice round with my Meta Lab friends and some other friends to do some brainstorming and it’s helped me get some more ideas on what to do an the options I have.  I look forward to fitting another practice game or two in some evenings before the weekend hits. 

Work is getting a little more settled in. The new world is definitely changed with all the cleaning and such. I’m getting closer to being caught up on my paperwork, so the pressure is off a little bit. I’m glad that we’re all pretty much working as a good team and stepping in to help where needed. The bus is still irritating with people not wearing masks properly.

I’m finding myself a whole lot sleepier lately. I’m sure it has a lot to do with being back to work, which means getting up early no matter how I slept. I’m falling asleep earlier and earlier each night and actually falling asleep easier for the most part. I also think it’s in part with having really set my night time routine down so that it’s consistent – including my magnesium and bliss sleep spray. It really does take a while for natural things to kick in and help properly. However, even though the falling asleep has gotten easier/better, I have been pretty groggy in the day and not feeling fully awake or energized. So I’ve decided to add to my morning routine some B vitamins, so we’ll see how those help after I take those consistently.

I think that’s about it here for me this week.

Until next time, xoxo