Pandemic Week 21

I have officially been back to work a full week now. Boy, is the world sure different out there. I really was in my own little bubble being home and staying isolated and it’s such a weird feeling to be going out every day again. Work does feel like it’s settling into a routine again. I’m still not quite caught up on my work.  Everything feels a little bit slower, like I’m having to relearn how to do things.  I’m SO glad that I took great notes and still have them to refer back to.  But that means that it’s taking me longer to do everything. So part of it is getting back into my groove but the other part of it is needing to help out with other things for part of the day.  I’ll say about 1/3 of my day is helping with cleaning and helping with the front door contact tracing requirements. Once I’m back into my rhythm and on top of things, I’m sure it will feel smoother.  I will also say that wearing a mask for the whole day sucks. This is our new normal though and I’m sure we’ll be needing to continue with these precautions for quite a while and hopefully it will start to feel more normal wearing it. 

My body is still pretty achy, but no where near as bad as it was last week after that first day.  My knee always takes longest to heal back to a point where it doesn’t have pain.  I’m also struggling with actually feeling rested after sleeping.  I’m so sluggish and stay sluggish the whole day, but then when I try to go to sleep, my head still takes a while to quiet down enough to fall to sleep – even though I’m feeling so tired. I am however getting an average of 5-6 hours of sleep each night and it’s mostly straight through.  This weekend I shut the alarm off for the morning and slept 9 hours each night, but still woke sluggish.  I think maybe I need to re-evaluate my supplements that I’m taking and maybe need to add in some B vitamins for the morning for that energy. I’m still doing really well with my night time routine, including the supplements I take then.  I’m proud of myself for actually taking them consistently for this long. 

I’ve gotten a whole lot better with actually eating now that I’m back to work.  I’m making myself a nice lunch with a sandwich, fruit and yogurt.  I bring along a protein bar as well for if I’m feeling like I need something else as either a morning or afternoon snack as well. Then dinner at home.  

This week also has had a whole bunch of heroclix too.  First off, I actually played 2 games with Mike, trying out new teams. His team was very much a direct counter to what I was trying to do.  I want to try it against some other teams to see if it can hold up at all.  But it was really nice to get a few games in and chat for a while.  I’m really feeling like I want to play in Nationals in 2 weeks, but I don’t know if this team is the one to go with.  

There’s also a charity tournament happening.  Part of the tournament is that people can sponsor players with extra probs for the pod rounds.  I decided to donate $30 and randomly pick 6 people to sponsor.  I took all 48 players, randomized them and the first 6 on the list were the ones I chose.  I ended up picking half of them I’ve never met before – which is really cool.  Getting to meet new people and expanding friends across the community.  I think I ended up watching at least 10 games this weekend and will be watching a bunch more this week as they’re also looking for people to observe to time keep and help with ruling questions. It’s great watching all these games to see what’s out there with the new stuff and how it’s getting played, so if I do end up signing up for Nationals, then I’ll at least be a little bit aware of what the teams do. 

No therapy this week as I decided to try an every other week time frame – because I have been having a lower level of anxiety, more in the normal range of it for me vs the overwhelming level of it.  It also saves a little money as I’m paying for it out of pocket with no insurance and just newly back employed. My next appointment is Tuesday this week and I’m looking forward to checking in and going over my feeling for being back to work. 

That’s about it around here for this week. I hope you’re all staying healthy and are as happy as you can be – and as always, if you need someone to listen, I’m here. 

Until next time, xoxo