Pandemic Week 20

Well this week we’ve gone into stage 3 for our area as of Friday. This means I’ve been called back into work. I’m a little nervous for taking public transit to get there, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’ve got my masks and sanitizer. Always looking for the positives – back to a regular work routine will hopefully help with the struggles of my sleeping hours, eating and movement. I’ll be able to go back to walking a couple stops before getting on the bus again – it’s so much easier to just do it when I’m already out. Having the reason of waking for work will hopefully help with going to bed earlier too.

The first half of the week, before I got the call to go back into work, my anxiety has been at a fairly low level. I even had a few moments where I caught the mental static getting louder, which usually indicates my anxiety is getting worse, but I was able to do some deep breathing and some positive self talk and reassurance to calm it back to low before it had a chance to take hold. I love that the work I’ve been doing on identifying my thoughts and feelings are really helping me be more aware.

Wednesday was when I got the call that I needed to go in the next day for a meeting and that we are opening Friday. My thoughts started to race about taking public transit.  I haven’t been on transit since the pandemic started. So far, going in has been ok with the buses pretty quiet. Coming home is a different story though.  The bus is much busier at that time and I’m finding that about 1/4 of the people are either not wearing a mask or not wearing it correctly (c’mon – put it over your nose too). I just try and be as far away from them as I can. 

First full day of work on Friday was stressful.  My anxiety was super high.  I kept my ok face on while on the floor around customers but I could feel myself crumbling when I was in a room by myself.  I was helping with cleaning instead of my normal job in accounting for the first day and will be needed to help out with that for the first while, but soon will be back to more of my usual duties and minimal helping out to ensure everyone gets breaks covered. Physically, it was really rough on my body.  I’m not used to being on my feet for 10 hours straight and I could barely move when I got home and I felt it the whole weekend (which thank goodness I was off!). I took Epsom salt baths, Aleve and was icing my knee that was swollen. I’ve always had trouble with that knee. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have reason to be up and about again – I just wish it was a more gradual entry and not 0 to 100 in a day.  I will say that it’s helping me sleep a little easier.  My body has been exhausted. Now I just need the brain to settle enough along with it and I should be golden. 

So the weekend was pretty much just relaxing and recuperating.  While resting, I did manage to build a Heroclix team that I’d like to try out though. So I’m one step closer to actually playing a game to try it out.  On the Heroclix front, I’m also excited to donate some cash for the charity tournament that’s about to start soon. A good way to watch a bunch of games and be a little involved with the helping hands probs in the pod round.  

That’s about it for this past week. I wanted to get this out tonight before I crash (speaking of being exhausted) and then end up procrastinating it and putting it off. 

Until next time, xoxo