Pandemic Week 27/28

Here we are with another 2 week update.  Our COVID numbers are climbing again and a few small rollbacks to stage 3 have happened.  We’re back to private groups being 10 indoors and 25 outdoors – not that our family are really doing much visiting.  My son has the occasional friends over, but all people that are only visiting here and staying home otherwise.  I’ve gone to visit one friend and that’s it.  My brother just sees our dad to go grocery shopping and that’s it.  So far, no change to my work – but a few other businesses have also got some little rollbacks. Hopefully we don’t rollback any further – because my job will be a place that closes again if they do. 

I’ve done a bunch Heroclix stuff again – I played in another Win A Map qualifier for a worlds seat this past weekend and will put up my tournament report in the next few days once I’ve got it written.  I also was a guest on Jay’s JSA podcast last week where we chatted about recent tournaments that happened online.  That was a ton of fun and I’m glad he invited me on.  You can find it here on Podbean.  Not only playing in the tournament though – I also got some practice games in.  One of them with Mike was completely crazy where he was calling all his dice rolls.  He came in for an alpha and had 3 probs on it to my 1 prob.  He called it and said that one would hit, I would prob it and he’d use all his probs on it and would miss them all – it went down exactly like that.  Then near the end of the game, he said that he was going to get a crit hit that I was going to prob and then his re-roll would miss by one.  Wouldn’t you know that he rolled exactly that.  It was insane!  This week I also did a little more organizing and putting away of pieces too.  I grabbed more containers for the newest sets and actually put them away, got rid of the boosters and got labels on the containers too.  I also brought more of the retired stuff up to my closet so I’ve only got modern stuff on the bookshelf where I store them all for easy access – except for LE’s… those need some major organizing to separate the old from the new.  

I had a therapy call this week. It’s so nice to have that support in place. Even though we’re down to once a month now, it’s comforting just to know that she’s there and if I’m feeling in crisis again then I can message her to ask for a sooner date.  I’m so grateful to not be feeling in crisis now – even though I do still have some moments of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, I’ve been able to let myself feel it and then calm myself down.  I’ve gotten a whole lot more adept at recognizing my emotions quicker so I can use my calming techniques while they’re still mild and before they turn overwhelming.  I still have some times where it doesn’t work, but they feel fewer and far between now then they ever did before.  Most of this call was focused around being more assertive and helping me with wording that I can adapt to speak up for myself in situations that I don’t feel comfortable and I would normally just keep quiet, accept it and let it bother me and over think on it – instead of just sharing how the situation/statement makes me feel in the moment. 

My sleep is still wonders better than it’s ever been. I’m doing great at sticking with my routine and really only have minor sleep issues now instead of most nights.  This most recent weekend I was feeling some anxiety at bedtime and had trouble falling asleep and ended up staying up until 3:30, but most days I’m asleep by 1 – which is perfect for getting up for work. I do still wake pretty sluggish and find I’m exhausted by the time I get home from work.  I’m doing the thing that I always notice my dad did – nodding off on the couch in the evening, either just before or just after dinner.  But I’m not wanting to fall asleep that early, so I force myself to stay up.  It’s that battle in my head of not wanting to sleep so I can have alone time to recharge and also to get stuff done. 

My body has also been feeling sluggish and bloated.  If I had to guess, I would have said that I’ve gained weight with how my body feels.  I’ve been avoiding stepping on the scale because of how lousy I’ve been feeling.  Well last week, I had a few coworkers make comments that I’m looking like I’m losing a bit of weight and my clothes are looking bigger on me and my face is slimming a bit.  I didn’t believe them, so I actually stepped on the scale this weekend and wouldn’t you know it, I’m on the low end of the little bubble range that I normally fall in.  I’m telling you though, I could have sworn I’d be at the top of that bubble or more, but it wasn’t. So that was a pleasant surprise! I think bringing my lunches to work is doing good – both by bringing healthy options and actually eating at regular intervals.  

I think that’s about it around here these last couple weeks.  I hope you’re all holding up well out there.  Lots of love and positive energy going out to all of you. 

Until next time, xoxo