Heroclix WAM ROC World’s Qualifier #1

I decided to play in the first ROC World’s Qualifier. Now that the new Spider-Man Venom and Absolute Carnage set is out and added into the mix of legal figures, I wanted to see how my team would hold up to the new hotness that is 1776.

My team is still the Jason/Vulture team that I played in the Nationals event, linked here, with one tweak of dropping Mister Sinister from my sideline for Jason and putting on Reed Richards, Fixer of Universes for the Molecule Man pog instead. I’m still working tweaks, so the next version may be slightly different again.

There were 12 people signed up so they did 4 rounds of Swiss to find a 4-0, who would be the winner. I love that it wasn’t single elimination and I got to play 4 rounds of clix – more practice and seeing what’s out there, which was the main goal of the event for me – besides trying to win of course! But you know me – if you’ve played against me before – I always have a good time regardless of how I’m doing and this event was no different.

Round 1 was against Deric who was playing Spider Pharaoh, Spider-Man 1776, Gauntlet Black Panther, Mary Jane Watson, Green Proteus, remaker ring, another ring that I can’t remember and the Wakanda map bonus. He won map and put us on Wakanda. First turn he creates a Paparazzi to grab Remaker to bring back to Black Panther and equips. I equip Vulture and Valeria. He gets all his leaderships and uses the Paparazzi to grab the other ring to bring back and moves his team, minus Paparazzi and Proteus, into hindering terrain to brace for my alpha and have his re-roll. I go over to Paparazzi and Proteus to try and stack 2 charges and it works because his Proteus does not get his super senses. I make my way over to the team and one by one, I’m able to get through all of them. I think I got Mary Jane first and he chose to not secret identity, then 1776 to stop click. Then KO’d 1776 with the next first attack from flurry and hit Pharaoh, then started to work on Black Panther. He had so many super senses and shape changes that he got to roll (because I stupidly forgot to activate Cadmus dude) and he missed every single one, even with the Wakanda re-roll. I felt so bad that he didn’t hit any of them – it wasn’t statistically normal at all. He kept a great attitude and just took it as it came. I won the game on turn 2 in about 10 minutes with 300-0, 1-0.

Round 2 was with Matt, a fellow Canadian. He was playing Immortal Hulk, Ace, prime Batman, Dark Phoenix, 2×2 Magneto, Tri-Sentinel, octopus arms and a ring that again I can’t remember. I actually won map and put us on Ha-Ha Hacienda. I do my usual set up of equipping both Vulture and Valeria. He equips Hulk with the octopus arms and uses Tri-Sentinel to bring the ring over and then barriers to try and protect with Ace. I remembered to activate Cadmus dude this round and TK’d Vulture over who was able to take out both Tri-Sentinel and Magneto with my flurry and I use the first charge to break a barrier marker and the 2nd to try to take out Dark Phoenix but she rolls impervious. I put the second attack on Ace instead to avoid the roll out so I could keep going and it worked. Then I went after Batman and was successful with the first attack and the 2nd attack was on Dark Phoenix, who again rolled impervious. I use my last flurry on Dark Phoenix and finally get her and then go after Hulk with the 2nd attack. I use the last charge to move away instead of attacking Hulk more so I don’t give him any more vengeance tokens. He is able to come move to Vulture and uses vengeance tokens to KO Vulture with the flurry. I use Valeria to spin him to last click and then come retaliate with Tri-Sentinel to get the 1st 25 points off of him, without giving more vengeance tokens with the pulse wave. I move action with Tri-Sentinel to move away from him and start side stepping my support guys into the corner. He came over with Hulk to my corner and tries to charge Oz but hypertime says he can’t base me – so he’s not able to get into the square he wanted to and goes after Gaea instead and missed the attack. I move Oz into the corner with the rest of the guys, perplex up my Gaea and Chewie pogs and barrier all the figures with points into the corner. I keep up with this turn after turn as he misses attacks on the pogs and me not attacking him so he can’t gain vengeance tokens until last action was called and I won 210-50, 2-0.

Round 3 opponent was Joe and I was super happy we were paired up as we’ve been talking about getting a game in to see how our similar yet different teams play against each other. His current version he’s trying is Jason, Vulture, Oz, 2×2 Magneto, 1776 x2 and octopus arms. This was the team I was wanting to see how I did against with 2 less actions. I actually won map again. I used Jason to make a Chaos to TK the octopus arms autonomously to Vulture who equipped. Valeria free moved to grab her spin ring and equip it. He equipped his octopus arms and brought out a Gaea to put some barrier up. I brought in a Chewie and perplexed up Vulture to his usual 14/5. Then I TK’d autonomously with Chaos, free moved with Valeria and TK’d again with her spin ring.  Vulture charged in and KO’d Magneto and got the first hit on a 1776. I went over to Gaea to store my next charge and tried on Jason for the second attack and he didn’t get shape change, so I got him too.  I was able to get through the rest with all those attacks built up.  Joe was a great sport for me taking him out on turn 2 and we just gabbed for a while and discussed what he could have done different with his set up.  I’m now terrified to face him again, lol.  I won 300-0, 3-0. One more match to see if I’ll walk away with the qualification. 

Round 4 was against Tom. He was playing a team of The Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Silk, Spider-Man 1776, Marvella x2, spin ring, Iceberg Lounge map bonus and the WWE ring. His sideline was prime Black Leopard, Franklin Richards, Franklin Von Doom, Ghost Rider, Valeria Richards, Valeria Von Doom, Wolverine and trouble alerts.  We’d played a practice game the night before this tournament that was a crazy game and this one was even crazier.  I somehow won map against his theme team by rolling an 11 against his 3 and put us on Ha-Ha Hacienda. He swapped out The Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Silk for Valeria Von Doom, Wolverine, Black Leopard and Ghost Rider and generated his consolation Penguin pog in the water in the center of the map. I equipped the octopus arms on Vulture and spin ring on Valeria. He equips his spin ring and splits up the crew putting Alicia pog over by the elevated, one Marvella by the blocking on his side of the map, one Marvella down the other way and Wolverine down and near the center and the rest in the corner of his starting area with Black Leopard on the outer corner of the group. With how they were all placed, I didn’t need to TK Vulture.  I perplexed up (even though I knew it wouldn’t matter once I was around Black Leopard). I charged to the Penguin pog, then over to Alicia and she didn’t get her super senses, then over to one of the Marvellas, then over to Valeria and missed the first attack of the flurry but hit with the 2nd – but the 3 damage isn’t enough to KO her, so I chose to do knockback into the side of the map from my super strength to at least get the KO.  That was only 1 action and I had 2 left because of 1776 – so I TK’d Jason forward so he could be in range to start a mind control chain.  It was mostly ineffective.  I managed to successfully mind control everyone but none of those attacks hit except for Wolverine who did 2 damage to the other Marvella. Tom had his Wolverine charge Jason and I didn’t roll a successful shape change. He hit, I probbed with Oz, he hit again and then rolled a 6 on blades to take Jason out. Because he hit, that gave Ghost Rider flurry for the turn and because I had pushed with Vulture, Ghost Rider hitting both attacks took him out.  Super successful turn for Tom – taking out both Vulture and Jason. I perplexed up Tri-Sentinel to a 12/5 for a single target retal on Ghost Rider to KO her the first time. He took out Tri-Sentinel the next turn. I used Chewie to flurry on Wolverine and got him to last click and then TK’d him with Oz to place him near Valeria to get him off the map. Tom moved Marvella over by Ghost Rider as a little character barrier. I wish I had TK’d with Valeria the last turn instead because it screwed up what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was double TK Chewie over to Marvella/Ghost Rider with Oz then Valeria to hopefully flurry them to death.  Instead, I free moved and sidestepped with Valeria to spin Marvella to death. Tom took out Valeria next turn. I TK’d Chewie over and then moved to be next to Ghost Rider and out of line of sight of Black Panther.  He moved Black Panther to see Chewie and then attacked.  I didn’t get my super senses – I was hoping to get them so I could push Chewie to try and finish off Ghost Rider the next turn. I was down to just the little support guys who had no way to get to and KO anything when time was called and Tom got the win 190-65.  It was an insane match where almost every attack we tried actually hit and I was laughing so much the whole game at how insane it all went down. 

Congrats to Tom on winning the event and getting a qualification into ROC Online Worlds next month.  Looks like I’m going to have to try again! Coming in 3rd overall, I’m pretty happy and comfortable with this team and think I will try it again. Thank you to everyone for the matches and being awesome opponents.  Are any of you planning to play in any of the qualifications or in Worlds and on the hunt for a qualification too?

Until next time, xoxo