Pandemic Weeks 25/26

I love that I’m doing fairly well mentally over here. I have my moments of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, but I’ve gotten better at recognizing that I can feel it starting and I’ve been better able to hit pause and do some of my coping strategies to help catch it and calm it before it can get worse and take hold.

I’m doing my best to stick with my sleep routine and keeping that on track because I know how much better my mental health has been for doing it. I did have a few nights where I was feeling anxiety and had a bit of trouble falling asleep, but it only lasted a few nights before I was able to reign it back in, thankfully. I did run out of my Bliss sleep spray – I hope my order with the new bottle arrives soon, but I’ve still got the rest of my supplements that I take before bed still. I had another sleep product I tried in the meantime, but I didn’t feel as good taking it.

I did something last weekend that I have not done since COVID put a lockdown on social activities. I visited a friend for the weekend. It felt so good to get out of the house and hang out with a friend that I feel super comfortable with and to be able to just talk openly and feel emotionally safe and yes, get a hug. He’s been staying home through all of this and up until a month ago when I got called back to work, I had been staying home too. While at work, I’m very cautious about distancing, washing hands, not touching my face and keeping my mask on (and everyone else at work here is as well as it’s mandatory). I even crashed for the night – so it was a weekend away.  Hopefully we can hang out again soon. 

Then this weekend I did something else social too. I went to play Heroclix! This again was the first time doing it since COVID started. The only stores in the area that are running the occasional event are about a 45-minute drive away and double that on public transit. A friend who lives close to my place is going and willing to let me carpool, so away we went. They were running a sealed event for the new Spiderman set that just came out.  I ended up pulling figures that I wanted – super rare Absolute Carnage with the Symbiote and Marvella. I ended up having a team of Absolute Carnage, Toxin, Mary Jane with 2 secret identities on the side and Peter Parker with 1 secret identity on the side.  I ended up going 2-1 – and my loss was in a roll off, but 1 more turn and I would have had more stuff KO’d as I was in position to flurry with AC and attack with Toxin as well.

All in all, a pretty quiet week with nothing major in a negative way to set my mental health back any – which is wonderful.  Physically, my knee is still super sore and has been for close to 6 weeks now.  Any time I twist my knee, it re-injures my torn meniscus and always takes such a long time to heal.  Work is going ok.  I’m definitely feeling in the groove now and pretty much staying on top of things in my control and helping to solve the puzzles that sometimes come to me in the paperwork. But really, that’s about it around here for me this week. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe out there. 

Until next time, xoxo