Pandemic Week 65

Things are starting to move in the right direction. Stage 1 opened as of Friday.  This means that outdoor spaces are a little more open, including organized activity for up to 10 people and patio dining for up to 4 people. Non essential stores can open again with 15% capacity so long as they have a street entrance because the malls are still closed.  They’re also opening up 2nd vaccine doses quicker than the 4 months that they initially stated, so I’m watching for when we’ll be able to book our 2nd shots. 

This last week, the nights have been really long and hard with inability to sleep, terrible anxiety and tears. I’ve been sleeping in blocks of 4 hours but waking every 1.5-2 hours, so it’s not even solid sleep.  Most days I’m up the whole night and not crashing until 9-10am and then having a nap in the late afternoon sometimes. I tried some melatonin one night and the next day was a complete write off. I slept about 6 hours, woke to go pee and tried to stay awake but within about half an hour I couldn’t keep my eyes open if I tried and ended up crashing another 6 hours. Maybe I took it too late and need to take it way earlier?  Something to try for sure. 

I’m at least being a little bit productive through the night though. One night I tackled a corner of my room and have both a donation and trash bag started.  One corner at a time as I have the motivation and energy to do it and eventually it’ll be in a much better state. I’ve got so much stuff that I really never use or touch so I’m being a little ruthless in what I’m getting rid of and it feels great. 

Another of the nights I had a great big long relaxing bath and used a bath bomb.  I have SO much spa type stuff in my closet – bath bombs, scrubs, soaps, creams, bubble bath soap and there’s so often that I’m just having a quick shower and never using it.  So I’m trying to take that time to use up what I’ve got and not just have it sit there forever and maybe go bad.  I felt so good when I was done that bath, like always. I always say to myself that I need to keep doing them more often and then just don’t – so I’m glad that I did one this week. 

To not have a whole bunch of silence and have a distraction from my thoughts racing with that inability to fall asleep, I’ve been doing a Netflix binge of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never watched it before, so it’s a new series to me and I’m enjoying it. I like doctor/drama/chick flick kind of shows and this fits right in with that. I was wanting to watch The Good Doctor, another series I haven’t seen before. I had caught a couple episodes on TV and enjoyed them, but Netflix doesn’t have it. 

It was a super happy mail week! Remember that fellowship prizing I won from the charity event? I got the first half of my prizing – the factory set of HOX arrived. I was completely shocked that they just left it on my doorstep and I didn’t owe and duties on it! I was fully expecting to owe a whole bunch in duties in order to receive it. There’s 2 layers of figures there – the whole complete set, including the fast forces, dice and tokens and map. Speaking of Heroclix, I did get a game in with the kiddo as well this week. 

This week has been a bit of a quiet social week. I’ve really felt withdrawn and the idea of being social feels draining. I’ve had some short messenger conversations, but it’s taken me a while to reply to friends who have reached out. I did talk with my mom on the phone for a bit when she called, but I was mostly listening and didn’t feel to open up myself into the conversation. Same thing at home when I leave my room and convene with the family I’ve felt more quiet than normal (which is already quiet). 

I’ve had quite a few thoughts happening this week that I’ve made note of to bring up at my next therapy appointment. The last appointment felt like I didn’t have much to bring up – it certainly won’t be like that at this next one. This has definitely been a crazy week for what’s going on in my head for sure. 

Small exciting update with the side biz.  Looks like we will FINALLY be officially launching in Canada on Monday! There have been a whole bunch of tech issues that needed dealing with to get to this and it looks like we’re finally there! I hope I’ll be able to grow my team and get people into awesome lashes, gel strips and skincare. Feel free to message me if you want any info on any of it and if you’re not yet in my VIP group on Facebook, I’d love to have you there.  I do a daily self care post highlighting something that I’m focusing on that day as well as share info on products and what’s new along with tips and tricks. 

As always, thank you for coming along on my journal writing and seeing what’s going on in my little world here. 

Until next time, xoxo