Pandemic Week 74

Covid numbers creeping up a little more again this week.  The last few days have been around the 500 mark for Ontario with most of them being in the Toronto and surrounding area. I’m curious to see where the numbers will be in a few weeks when schools open too. 

This was an exciting week with Color Street launching in Canada. I made the decision to join and signed up the very first day.  I can’t believe how quickly my kit arrived.  I joined on Monday and had the kit on Thursday.  I went live in my group to show everything and also went live on the weekend to show application of a new mani.  A whole bunch of samples are in the mail too – I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks when they try them and see the pictures of what they pair it with for the 10 day challenge.  If you’re reading this and want to try a sample, send me a message and I’ll get one out to you. I haven’t gotten a good pic of the mani I put on, but I’ll add one her next week – it’s so sparkly and gorgeous!!  I’m excited to get ready to film some new tutorials for the removal and application when I’m ready to change this mani out. 

This weekend I updated my measurements and pictures in the yoga app. I started about 3 weeks ago and I’m down 10lbs and down a few inches since I started! Between the daily yoga (still haven’t missed a day) and all the extra walking I’m doing after work (I do take a rest day from the long walks on weekends), I’m definitely slowly getting stronger.  I can walk for a longer time without needing to stop a few minutes and my body isn’t as sore and tight as it was.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super out of shape and achey – but I can feel the bit of progress from where I started. I was literally needing to pause at each bus stop because my lower back, knee or ankle was too sore.  Now I only stop 1-2 times on my route, which is half the number of times. 

My sleep has been pretty great this week. I’m tired in the evenings and even if my head is racing, the CBD is helping settle it a little so I can quiet and rest.  It also helps me feel even more tired and able to pass out easier.  I love how quickly it helps make my eyes feel heavy and I need such a small amount to get me there. 

Food has been pretty good as well.  I’ve been in a calorie deficit every day – which is easier to do with all the extra calories I’m burning with all the extra movement I’m doing.  It’s easier too when I’m packing my lunch and snacks for work and know what I’m brining is better than anything packaged.  

I had a personally satisfying week at work. I had been working on trying to figure out how a few adjustments were made for the last 2 weeks and something clicked in my head and I figured out what it was!  Now I need to write it all out step by step so others can do it too and so we’ve got the information accessible.  It’s something that someone above me usually does but with a staff change, we needed to know it and I’m excited to have figured it out.  It made my brain feel so satisfied! 

I got to play Heroclix in Brampton this weekend!  So far, this is the only store locally that’s holding any events.  It’s limited sign ups and masking is required.  I was able to go because Mike was going and I could carpool with him.  We’re probably going again in 2 weeks for the release of the new set to play sealed.  

Today my dad took my brother, kiddo and me to visit our Oma and Opa’s grave to place stones on their tombstone.  This week was my Oma’s birthday so she was on our minds to go visit. On our way back we went for lunch at Wild Wing – my meal turned into 2 because I could only eat half of it, but I was really enjoying the carrot sticks that came with the wings and filled up on those with the dill dip.  So yummy!

That’s about it around here this week. 

Until next time, xoxo

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Week 74”

  1. congrats on all of your accomplishments! any kind of progress is always a good thing.

    how did you like the new set? only 4 at our prerelease but it was the much needed new heroclix sealed that i enjoyed.

    1. Thank you! I’m feeling in a really good place right now. I still have my struggles of course, but I’m doing whatever I can to help move forward stronger!

      I haven’t played with the new set yet. We didn’t have any pre-releases here and only 1 shop is having in person play – they are having a release sealed though in 2 weeks. I’m hoping to be able to carpool to it and play in it.

  2. Hi Emily! Great to hear all your news! I don’t mean to gravitate towards the Heroclix stuff but how did the games go? Can I ask what team you played? I can see it was 400 modern and you pulled out the win. I’m hoping to make it to the Warehouse sometime soon if the tournaments continue. The only person I’ve played against since March 2020 is my brother!

    1. Hey Dennis! Thanks for reading! I played HOX Omega 200 with carnage symbiote object, Fulcum Abominus at 130, Danger Room Mangeto 50 and a robot Superman at 10. I figure I’d never play Fulcum at big points ever on a competitive team, so it was fun to play it as a proper figure and not just a retaliator. I’m hoping to make it again next weekend (wont be going this weekend for sure) as they’re doing sealed for the new set – provided the product gets there in time.

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