Pandemic Week 78

We’re pretty much holding steady with the cases in Ontario this last week. I’m glad the numbers aren’t continuing to climb right now.

This was a therapy week. The hour didn’t feel long enough this time with so much on my mind these last few weeks. I felt like I had all kinds of stuff to talk about and work through and with how high my anxiety has been lately (and still is), I definitely needed to try and ground some of my thoughts.  I hate when the anxiety stays this high for this long.  I will say that I’m feeling grateful that I’m not feeling depressed on top of it.  So I’m still functional, doing what needs to be done and pushing through.  I know I can only do this for so long at this level before crashing though, so I hope I can get these emotions to calm down.

I’m glad I’m still in my groove of walking and yoga.  I did dial back a few of the work outs, back to some seated ones.  I’m listening to my body and doing what I feel up to doing that day.  Totally making it my own and slowly getting stronger and more flexible.  Which is fantastic because that means less pain and more stamina.  I’ve really been enjoying the walks after work every day too. It’s great for some alone time where I can just get lost in the music and I move my body.  I’m loving that I can do the distance without my lower back and knee getting tight on me now.  The weather has been amazing for it now too.  Not so humid hot like it was only weeks ago and not cold.  I need to start thinking about winter though and what I’m going to do to stay consistent with the walking when it’s super cold or icy.  I’m glad that where I’m walking is a main street that should be cleared of snow faster than the little side streets. 

I haven’t been doing the greatest with food lately. I’m getting in my produce and still having a caloric deficit, but I know I can be doing a whole lot better. Other than lunch and dinner, I keep defaulting to easy to grab snack foods instead of preparing something just for quick ease. I know my progress would be faster if I was being as careful and balanced with my snacking as I am with my meals. 

I’m excited for how I’m doing with Color Street! I managed to hit my first Jump Start this weekend!  Now to work towards hitting the second one.  I love that for hitting it, I earn credits for business supplies – which means I can stock up on more samples.  I did get around to filming some tutorials too, but I realized when I was done and went to edit them that I had my phone filming in the vertical position and not horizontal, so I’ve got black bars on either side of the video.  So I either need to just be ok with that or re-film again next time I change up my manicure.  Knowing me, I’m going to re-do them again. 

I ended the weekend with a nice relaxing time and with family.  Saturday I relaxed the first half of the day in bed while watching Netflix (both The Circle and Good Girls have new episodes!) and got the filming done that I just talked about.  Sunday I had some motivation to knock some stuff off my to-do list and got some chores done before hanging out with my brother.  I really needed that alone time with just relaxing.  I keep doing little things every day for self care, but sometimes I just need to hit that pause button and really embrace it all in. 

Hopefully this posts for me first try without all the tech issues from last week!

Until next time, xoxo