Pandemic Week 77

I’ve been having trouble for the last 3 days getting this posted – hopefully the server stops hanging up and this publish goes through!

We’re hovering around 800 cases in the province and I keep wondering if they’re going to need to tighten restrictions again. I guess they’re waiting to see what happens when kids go back to school and how the vaccine passport helps things.  But both those things are still a few weeks out to see how they impact anything. I’ll just keep taking personal precautions as I have all along. 

My anxiety has still been really high. I’m so glad I have therapy tomorrow because I really need it.  Everything just feels so overwhelming.  Home, work, world.. it’s all stacking.  I’m just so glad that I’m doing this big focus on self care, otherwise I’m sure I’d be in much worse shape than I am now.  At least I’m still functioning.  Still walking. Still doing yoga. Still bringing lunches to work.  I just keep trying to stay as busy as possible so I can keep distracted and stay in the groove of still doing stuff. 

I got to fill my heart this weekend. I got to see my best friend and all her kiddos this weekend for a surprise baby shower for her oldest. She moved about a 1.5 hour drive away, so between the distance between us (neither of us drive) and COVID lockdowns, it’d been over 2 years since we’ve seen each other. I wish we lived closer, but I’m glad we’re still so close with each other. 

This weekend I got to run my first online Color Street party!  My hostess was amazing with interacting on all the posts and her friends and family made a bunch of purchases to help her earn free and half price items.  I love that she was patient with me learning the back office and getting back in my groove of running a party.  It’s been years since I ran a nail party.  Thankfully, it was a great success.  She’s getting a bunch of rewards and the party helped get me closer to my first jump start. I need $1000 in sales by the 13th and I’m over $700 between her party and my launch party – and that is without any personal purchases myself yet!  So if you’re reading this and want to help get me closer, just click on the shop tab to get my shopping link.  Don’t forget that the strips are buy 3 get 1 free – it’s a great deal! 

I need to talk about how amazing these Ontario peaches are that I got. I’m SO glad I got a whole basket of them because they are seriously the best.  Every single one I’ve had so far has been perfect.  The taste, the texture, the juiciness… Definitely worth the splurge.  I usually just shop based on sales but these looked so perfect that I had to get them. 
For whatever reason, this week feels like it went by really fast.  It seriously felt like a don’t blink or you’ll miss it situation.  I suppose that’s a good thing with the struggles I’m feeling with my mental health. Time usually heals, so if it wants to speed up, I’m all for it.  I’m ready for this year to be done – so feel free to keep zipping along.  Fingers crossed for a better week this week – at least it’s a short one with Labour Day. 

Until next time, xoxo