Pandemic Weeks 43/44

Oh man! What a 2 weeks! I feel like my head has been all over the place! Let’s start with our province being under a state of emergency again with an added stay at home order because we’ve been having over 3000 new cases every day and the hospitals are getting overwhelmed to the point of needing to move some patients to other hospitals that have more space outside of hot zones. We’ve been staying home this whole time and have been having groceries delivered to avoid the stores and only had 1 person visiting weekly who’s also staying home, but we’ve stopped that with the stay at home order now.

My sleep schedule has been terrible. I have been feeling exhausted but unable to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Once I fall asleep, I’m able to stay asleep now though for a reasonable time that I’m good with – except for waking to pee because I’m getting old lol. I am finding though that I’m needing the TV on as a distraction to drown out the mental noise and the meditation just isn’t doing it like it was before. Something I need to bring up at the next therapy appointment for sure.

I’ve been doing really good with getting some movement in every day – building up my plank time with the plank challenge and up to 75 seconds now and then one of the following as well: going for a walk, doing Ring Fit for the Switch or using resistance bands.

My food change of adding produce is going extremely well! I’m loving all the fresh food. I’m making large amounts and freezing them in individual portions so they’re easy to grab and go and also buying frozen fruit that I can just let thaw out and not worry about it going bad before I can get to it. My go-to’s have been rutabaga, green beans, acorn squash, tomato and cucumber salad, broccoli, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and bananas. I’m also tracking calories in an app to stay within 2000 to keep portions reasonable and I’ve done really well with staying in the range.

Decluttering goals are coming along slowly, but I’ve stuck to my touch at least 1 thing a day and put it away, throw it out or donate it. There haven’t been too many days where it was just the 1 thing, but there were a few.  Putting a stock sale in my old VIP group to clear stuff out has helped – and I’ve made a little cash in the process, bonus! 

I’m got a super new renewed energy that’s taking up most of my days. I’m working to rebrand all my social medias to prepare for change. I’ve made a new VIP group, cleaned up Instagram, Facebook business page and the blog here to line up better and focus more on self care with low maintenance beauty thrown in – which is a perfect fit for the new company to mesh with. I’ve ordered new business cards and personally invited ever person from my old group into my new group – to ensure they WANT to be there – and my new group ended up cut down from 117 people to about 40 – so it was definitely the right choice to start fresh!

It’s been a fun Heroclix time too. My case of House of X arrived and my son and I have been playing sealed with it about every other day. A group of locals also played sealed online together like we would have done if shops were open. I’m loving sealed so much! I have no clue what to play for building for modern competitive, but sealed I can do!!

Lastly, let’s chat self care! Other than all the healthy choices above, I also have taken the time to do a pampering face mask and made tea with the intention of focusing on the warmth as I feel it move down to my stomach. It’s quite relaxing when I pay attention to it.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year and you take the time to notice the positives around you in this rough time. Love you all!

Until next time, xoxo