Pandemic Weeks 53/54

I didn’t have too much to write for last week – so I decided to combine 2 weeks together again.  The COVID cases have really started spiking again with the variants and bit of relaxation to the grey zone rules. If this keeps up, who knows how long it’ll be that I’m still out of work. I hope I’m back before October when my EI runs out. 

Week 52 was a pretty lackluster week of same old. Nothing super great or super terrible, just kinda normal. My goals were middle of the road too. There wasn’t anything I didn’t do, but I also didn’t go above and beyond so it was pretty much minimum but still counted.

A lot of my week was spent around the heroclix charity tournament because I watched a whole bunch of games. I noticed that my anxiety wasn’t quite as bad as it has been and I think it may be because I was being pretty social and therefore distracted somewhat. I can’t wait until the world opens and we get to all hang out again. I played my 3rd pod game and somehow made it into the cut.  I was in the bottom of the bracket so needed to play 1 more game to see if I made it into top 16 – and I did!  So I’ll be adding more to my tournament report and will post it once I get knocked out… or win! Get ready for a super long read! 

I did however FINALLY knock something off my to-do list though!  I finally did my 2019 taxes.  I have never been late to file before – and really, I have no excuse because I do them myself. I had no excuse to not get it done either as it was a refund coming and the cash definitely comes in handy to help against the line of credit I’ve been needing to use a little while off work.  This will also start my GST payments back up too. Now I just need to stay on track and file 2020 on time and be back on track of not being late again. 

I’m spending a bunch of time working on the side biz with posting both here and in my group, as well as filming and uploading to YouTube all the tutorials. I did a bunch for both lashes and nails but I still have a few I want to film yet. I love having my own info to share with people so it’s more personalized. I ordered new business cards so I could fix one typo (oops) and also added my shopping link on it. It’s certainly felt like a productive week and I’m SO close to ranking again, so I’ll be pushing hard for month end to get there.  

I’ve also been spending a bunch of time reading. I re-activated my library card to be able to borrow digital books for free on my phone.  I loved Bridgerton so much on Netflix that I signed out the book – well actually a bundle of the first 3 books. Talk about self care by taking the time to just sit and read a bunch.  It’s been a while and it feels great. I brought it up a level by having a bubble bath with wine as I read for some of it too. It’s been a nice little break from other things and distracting my mind from reality.  I need to do more of this. 

I had 1 morning of calm and silence too.  You see, I almost always have a low hum or woosh noise in my head from my anxiety and it’s almost constantly there as background noise, low when it’s a normal day and loud when it’s a hard day.  But 1 morning, I woke and noticed that it wasn’t there. It didn’t last long and it was back there again later in the day – but you can bet I enjoyed that silence while it lasted and expressed my gratitude for the little respite. 

I finished out the weekend with a movie date with my son. He wanted to watch Detective Pikachu with me now that it came out on Netflix.  He’d seen it already in the theater when it first came out but wanted to watch it again.  He asked if I’d watch it with him because I enjoy playing Pokemon Go and played Let’s Go as well.  He kept asking me if I knew the names of the various pokemon as they were on the screen – it was cute. 

I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now – make myself a great big pot of unstuffed cabbage roll stew? casserole? Whatever it turned into, it was delicious and I have 8 meals out of it.  Great frozen homemade lunches that I don’t have to think about. 

I haven’t been moving my body as much as I’d like this last week, but I did take a walk to the mailbox to send out some thank you cards, prizes and welcome to the team cards. Yesterday I did pick up the Ring Fit again and hope I can be back on track for at least every other day again.  Food has been on track though with my calories and produce goals.  Sleep has been pretty across the whole range of things, but now that I’m using melatonin occasionally, it’s nice to have that extra tool to lean on when it’s a particularly rough night.  

I think that’s about it around here! Chat soon!

Until next time, xoxo