2019 Constructed ROC States/Provincials

Here we are with this years ROC Constructed States/Provincials events. There will be another set of States/Provincials in about 6 months that will be Sealed. I was able to make it to 2 of them this time. Unfortunately work keeps me from being able to hit the 3rd one I would have been able to go to. I played a slightly tweaked version of my Vulture team that I played in the online Qualifier I won last weekend. For Saturday, I took off the tank, added Jokers Gas Canister, Jean Grey Student ID and upgraded my 4 point Symbiote to the 6 point Symbiote. On Sunday, I changed the 6 point Symbiote to Remaker Mandarin Ring

First up is New York States. 6 of us from Canada traveled in 2 cars up to WNY Gaming in Hamburg. There ended up being 25 total players, so we were about 1/5 of the field. My first opponent was Charles. When we walked in, he asked if I was playing my Vulture team that he’d heard about and I told him I was. He mentioned that he was hoping to face me and was excited to see how the team functioned. He was playing Starro, Starfox, Mangog, Groot, Groot, Ape Batman, Pym Pocket Tank, Dune Buggy, ID’s and Exospex. This was a bad match up for Charles. He equipped, made Starrophytes and then sidestepped and moved up Starrophytes and Walking Woods. I equipped and sidestepped up. He made more Starrophytes and moved them up. I apologized for what my turn was about to do to him and then KO’d his entire team the next turn, winning 296-8. Charles wins the record for my most amount of Charges built up at one time. I reached 8 at one point! Round 2 was against Dan. He was playing Captain Marvel chase, Att Lass, Beetle Pod, Spider Mobile, Mangog, baby Groot. When I first looked at his build sheet and saw Groot, I assumed it was the retal and laughed so much when I realized which one it was. He equipped and moved up a little. I equipped and sidestepped up. He sidestepped a little closer and came up with Captain Marvel. He was close enough with all his figures that I went in for my Charge with Vulture. I killed Mangog and then killed baby Groot. I put my next attacks into Att Las and he rolled his Impervious. He is able to kill Vulture on his next turn. I called in Cyclops and did a Running Shot to his side of the map to give me Psychic Blast and get Att Lass to his last click, Regen. He Regenarates and kills The Rose with Cap, follows up with the charge on a Big Tony and misses. I call in the other Cyclops to finish off Att Lass with the same attack. Next turn I outwit his Invincible and call in Wolverine. I perplex up his damage to 5 so I don’t have the risk of a blades roll. This puts him on God click. He uses the colossal stamina to Pulsewave my group for 1 each. I perplex up Lockjaw’s attack to 12, choose Pulsewave, sidestep the Big Tonys and Unseen out of range and Pulsewaved him to death winning 298-111. Round 3 was against Devin who was playing Unseen, Daredevil, Wasp Heart of the Avengers, Surtur, Groot, Big Tony x2, Giant-Girl x2, ID’s, Venom Harness, Jokers Gas. I equipped and put up Barrier my first turn. He came up and used a Cyclops call in to break through my barrier to outwit Vultures movement power. I had him behind The Rose and when he tried to shoot, I rolled Shape Change, so he had to change his target to Lockjaw. He crit missed with Cyclops and didn’t prob it so he could bring in Wonder Woman Troublealert. He got tokens on some of my guys with Wonder Woman, but didn’t get one on Vulture. Because a different square of blocking was broken from where he had initially set up to outwit me from, he had to sidestep Unseen out of the Smoke Cloud to do it. Because Unseen isn’t in stealth now, I called in Cyclops and perplexed up his damage to shoot at his Unseen, killing him because he didn’t roll his Super Senses. Next turn he charges with Wonder Woman, taking Vulture off the top clicks and clears the rest of his team. I use Big Tony to take out Wonder Woman. Looking back, I should have used a call in that I could poof, because this allowed him to come retaliate. He calls in Professor X to move my figures around into the position he wants and then retaliates with Surtur, who he’s made normal size. Hits Big Tony. Then he goes after Unseen, miss by 1, Unseen gets to live. He then retaliates with Giant Girl, miss. Because she’s normal size as well she attacks too and misses by 1. We went back and forth picking off each others pieces and he was left with only Daredevil in the end. We knew it was close when time was called and when we added the points I had won 225-201. Round 4 was against Tom. He was running Phil Coulson, Sam Cap, Foot Elite x3, Ameradroid x2, Pym Pocket Tank, Suited Henchmen, ID’s. In play-testing and previous playing, I’d only beaten his team once, so I knew this wasn’t a great match-up for me. Turn 1 he gets everyone set up in position and I get my equipping done. Turn 2 he comes across and tanks my team. Kills both Big Tonys to get rid of the Perplex and then takes out Vulture. It’s a tough spot for me to come back from, but I do manage to take 2/3’s of his team, losing 360-196. Round 5 I’m facing Cody who’s playing Starro, Thor, Unseen, Groot, ID, Exospex. Turn 1 he makes some Starrophytes and sidesteps them up with some Walking Woods. I equip and sidestep up. Turn 2 he makes more Starrophytes and and sidesteps up. He’s got the Starrophytes and Walking Woods in a straight line with the colossals and Thor just behind. I count my squares up and find I can reach him if I put just 1 Perplex into movement. I start my turn with Leadership and sidestepping, TK’ing up and calling out Harley for the Perplex. When I call my Perplexes, I did my usual into damage instead of 1 into movement from the Big Tony’s. It’s only after I TK’d that I realized my mistake of putting the Perplexes in the wrong place. I cross my fingers and roll for my 2nd Sidestep and don’t get it. So my Vulture is now sitting out in the open, exposed and unable to reach his team by 1 square. Definitely kicked myself there! I did what I could with the rest of the team, bringing up Lockjaw into his face and calling in Wolverine for the Flurry to kill his Starro, but I missed one of the attacks and he healed up off the Stop click. He ended up taking out half my team and I lost 158-0. I’m sitting at 3-2 and make it into the top 8 where I had a re-match with Tom. This time I tried using Barrier to protect the team, but I couldn’t set it up for Jean to be behind it and he just tanked me right through it again. Very similar game to the last one. He killed the Big Tonys and then Vulture and eventually picked off the rest of my team. It came down to just Unseen against his team and I had no call ins left. I lost 360-163. It was such a fun day! I end up in 6th overall and play a side match with Joe while my friends were playing in top 4 and then watch the finals between Jay and Devin, with congratulations going to Devin!

Next up, Ontario Provincials. We played at Comic Book Addiction in Whitby with 11 players. My first round was against Jay who was playing Ultra -Chase Captain Marvel, Lockjaw, Mangog, Groot, Flora Colossas, Pym Pocket Tank, Tony Stark Car, ID’s, Goblin Glider, Remaker Mandarin Ring, Jokers Gas. Jay and I hadn’t gotten a practice game in, so this was our first time facing each other with these teams. He chose to equip the Mandarin Ring and not the Goblin Glider this game on his Captain Marvel. I went up with my alpha and got all the retal and the tank. I used a Charge to try and get Captain Marvel but he rolled the Shape Change from the ring. So instead I hit Lockjaw. He ended up taking out Vulture and then a few turns later got The Rose. I did end up getting Captain Marvel off the map but time was called before I had a chance to kill him again to score him. I lost 106-81. Round 2 was against Matt who was playing Iron Man, ISSAC, Skeets, Tri-Sentinel x2, Ameradroid, ID’s, Stark Tower map bonus. He’d heard of my team but didn’t understand quite what it could do. He sidestepped up and rolled to make Tank. I sidestepped up and equipped. He sidestepped up a little more, rolled and made Sting. With my sidestep, I was able to reach the Sting which then put me in Charge range of the rest of his team. I hit enough of the Flurries to take out the whole team in one turn, winning 298-8. Round 3 was against Tom who was playing a different team from yesterday of Captain America Resilient, Venom prime, Daredevil, The Skull, Pym Pocket Tank, Ape Batman, ID’s, Symbiote, Skull Camp map bonus. This map is terrible for equipping first turn because there are no TK lines from the starting area. He moves up Daredevil to the middle to be in the control square for the map and has the Ape pog grab the Symbiote for Cap. I sidestep, hoping to get the second sidestep so I can equip the Octopus Arms, but fail to get it. Tom calls out Cyclops with Daredevil and tries to take a shot at Vulture to knock me off my top clicks but ends up rolling a crit miss. With that he brings in Superman Troublealert who he has Charge the only person in range to Charge, Unseen, grabbing the Octopus Arms along the way to use them in an object attack, with the sole purpose of getting rid of the Arms. Doesn’t he hit the 8 he needs, I prob it and he hits the 8 again! I then roll a 1 on my Super Senses and not only are the Arms destroyed, he’s also killed Unseen. I’ve now got quite the uphill battle. I kill the Superman and try to inch my way up the map to be closer to the rest of his team that he’s kept way back. He is able to take out Vulture and other than scoring ID cards, nothing else goes down. I lost 143-48. Round 4 is against Kyle. He’s playing Ultra-Chase Captain Marvel, Starfox, Lockjaw, Groot, ID’s, Mjolnir, Goblin Glider. We’ve faced before and he tells me he’s scared of my team. He equips and hides Captain Marvel behind Starfox with Walking Woods in front of him. I sidestep up and equip. He pretty much stays back and clears. I sidestep up again, call in Harley, do the perplexes and break the Gas. I go in for the Charge, killing both Woods and then kill Captain Marvel, Groot and Starfox, leaving only Lockjaw behind. In the 3 turns with only Lockjaw on the map, I chip away at him to take a few tokens off. Captain Marvel comes back and he places her on my side of the map, near where my team is. When I’m finally able to attack, I call in a Cyclops to hit with Precision Strike, perplexing his damage to 4 so it will one shot him, he gets the 6 he needs on his Super Sense. I try and hit with Vulture and connect with both Flurry attacks to KO him. Next turn I hit the Starfox to make him poof and I just have a few tokens to take off Lockjaw to end it. I won 299-39. Because of only 11 players, we cut to top 4, so that’s the end for me because I was in 5th. I stuck around to play a battle royal with the new Rebirth set and then watched the really close finals between Jay and Tom, with congratulations for the win to Tom!

Until next time, xoxo