Distance Reiki

I was offered a distance reiki session recently. A friend who knows I’ve been struggling both physically and mentally reached out and wanted to give me a session if I was open to it and I said absolutely, yes. This was my second experience with distance reiki and it was very much a different experience than the first time with another person. 

She said that I didn’t need to do anything special while she was doing it – I could be doing my nails, soaking in the tub or even sleeping.  Just try to relax, breathe deep and be open.  Seeing as the time that worked for both of us was about 10:30pm and I usually start winding down and relaxing with some quiet alone time before bed, I decided to head upstairs and get into pjs. I filled my water, turned off the lights, got into bed and got comfortable under my comforter. 

She messaged me when she was ready to start and I chose to stay in the quiet room and just be present in the moment and not do anything else.  With how noisy my head is all the time, I decided to do something I do when I’m meditating and choose a mantra/phrase/focus to keep repeating so it could help drown out the noise and wandering brain so I could be present. In my head I repeated “I am open to the love and healing from Melanie” for the entire time. 

In the first 2 minutes I felt pressure in my head all through my skull and it was really intense. Then even stronger, I felt it in my eyes.  Right in my sockets, that feeling when you push on your eyes, but even deeper. I have never felt anything like this before and it was incredible the energy I was feeling from someone who’s miles away from where I am. It’s hard to describe fully how strong this feeling of pressure was.  Like a build up, almost pulsing.  I did notice that my mental static seemed to quiet a little, but it wasn’t completely gone. 

Then I felt it in my hands and arms. More pressure but not as strong and a bit of a tingling.  It almost felt like my arms were being pushed into the bed and it would have been difficult to lift them. From there, I felt it move to my shoulders and chest. Still a milder pressure but I could tell that’s where she was working. After that, I felt a wash over my whole body – chest to feet – almost like a weighted blanket had been placed over me. 

Next I felt her working on my stomach briefly as she passed her way down to my legs and feet. I felt that heavy feeling like my legs were being pressed down into the bed, like I did with my arms.  Then I felt her move back up to my center.  My stomach, organs, intestines, reproductive parts. 

Not too long after, she texted me to let me know she was done for the night.  She instructed me to keep relaxing and to drink a bunch of water. I’m glad that I had filled my water before starting and had it easily accessible. I’m really glad that I was using the mantra to keep me in the moment because my mind did keep wandering but I was always able to keep brining it back. I took some notes in my phone of what I experienced, so I wouldn’t forget details. I knew I wanted to compare to what she had done and that I would want to write about it here. 

The next day, she messaged me with what she’d done and how she felt. It’s incredible how what she was doing to me was so similar to how I felt.  She said the first thing she noticed was my mind is VERY busy focused on thoughts.  She did some hand positions on my head and then it wasn’t as busy. She wonders if it had to do with me getting into the groove with the mantra.  While she was working on my head, she felt something behind my right eye which she attributes to openness to perceptions. This must have been when I felt like my eye sockets were being pressed really hard. 

When she moved down to my throat/shoulders she felt a sharp pain on my lower left abdomen. She didn’t know where my infection was – but it was exactly there. She said it also could be undigested emotions and she sent healing there.  Back to the throat, she felt like I am holding myself back – possibly in communication to others or self-love. 

My favorite comment was her feeling that my heart is full of so much light. 

She said when she was working n my hips, knees and feet she felt really cold.  That day, I was having pain in my hip, knee and ankle.  Very stiff and sore.  I almost never have hip pain but the knee and ankle pain is normal for me. Darned arthritis starting. 

She ended that she released tears while working on me and burps after. I love this so much.  Firstly, her having tears makes me feel like the energy connection we made had her pulling difficult feelings/emotions/pain/infection from me and letting them out for me in a way that I’ve been having trouble letting go.  Secondly, that she burped after makes me feel like that’s her releasing from herself anything she pulled so it doesn’t sit with her and affect her after she was done. 

It was truly incredible and amazing the both what I felt and how similar what she was doing to what I was feeling was.  Energy connections, even while distant, are mind blowing. 

Over the next few days, I kept thinking about the whole experience and I even had some tears myself one day on my walk when I thought about how strong the love I felt from her was. The emotions I was feeling from it for days after was so overwhelming – in a good way! 

Once she has a site and is ready to officially launch, I’ll be updating this post with her contact information.  Feel free to comment below or message me if you want me to reach out and let you know when the information has been added. 

Thank you Melanie! I appreciate you and your willingness to spend your time and energy with me. 

Until next time, xoxo