First Step – Nail Prep

No matter what you’re putting on your nails, you want to make sure you’re prepping so you have the best surface for your product to apply to. 

First I start with removing the invisible cuticle. If you’ve ever gone to the salon, this is also the first step they do too. Haven’t heard of invisible cuticle? It’s a thin and clear skin that grows onto your nail – mostly on the edges and base, but if you haven’t removed yours before, it could be growing up the nail more. I like to use a cuticle softener/remover that I get from the beauty supply store or drugstore. It’s also softened after you get out of the shower. I let it sit on my nails about a minute and then I use my metal cuticle spoon to remove the invisible cuticle. You want to make sure you’re going across your nail and not gouging into your nail. We don’t want you damaging your nail! You can also use a wooden cuticle stick or silicone cuticle pusher. I typically do this step every other manicure I do.

You don’t want the cuticle softener staying on you too long, so when you’re done, make sure you wash your hands. Even if I haven’t used the cuticle softener, I still do this step. I like to use dish soap (blue Dawn is my go-to) when I wash my hands before doing my nails. It’s great at cutting through any natural oils you might have on your nails.

The last step is to further dry out your nails. You can use a alcohol prep pad, bottled rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.  If you have extremely dry nails, it’s okay to skip this step and just do the dish soap wash. 

Now you’re ready to apply your nail product to your perfectly prepped nails! 

Want to see the steps in action? Check out my tutorial below! 

Until next time, xoxo