Pandemic Weeks 90 & 91

The COVID numbers are still rising again with the average well over 1000 again. I’m not hearing anything yet about putting more restrictions back in place yet, other than keeping current ones (showing vaccine passport – and changing it so only the QR code is acceptable as proof, masking, social distancing) longer and not being lifted when they thought they’d be able to. I keep wondering when more will be added again. We’re all thankfully healthy in my little world here. I know all of us in our house have made sure we’re taking a multi-vitamin to help keep our own immune system good. I’ve added my D3 back in too, now that when I’m walking after work it’s already dark. They are opening up the 3rd booster to those 50+ this week and early January for everyone 18+. 

This is another 2 weeks of updates on me here. I just didn’t feel up to writing last week and there wasn’t a ton to say, so I figured I’d just combine two weeks again.

Speaking of immune systems and health, I had some great follow up appointments from when I was in the hospital in September. In the last week, I went for both blood work again and an ultrasound. I saw the OBGYN for the ultrasound results and she said that the mass that was in my fallopian tube is completely clear. She gave me a copy of the ultrasound results as well so I can give it to my family doctor when I find one. I found it interesting that there was a cyst on my ovary in the findings. I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago, but only based on the thick hair I grow on my chin and my super heavy periods. When they’ve done ultrasounds in the past, the cysts weren’t there. This time it was though. They’re not always present and I guess it was the right time of the month when I had the ultrasound that it showed one this time. So that definitely confirms that PCOS diagnosis. This may be TMI, but you all know what you’re getting when you come read here, lol. Ever since I had them remove my IUD in the hospital, every period I’ve had since has been not as bad as they were. So that’s a great plus. Anyways, the OBGYN wants to see me in a year for another follow up and I asked for the ultrasound requisition while I was there so I didn’t have to go twice and she gave it to me. She said she doesn’t want to see me fall in the cracks again, but all looks great for now. The other follow up appointment was with the clinic doctor who has been following my low iron since I was in the hospital. As a reminder, normal is around 120. They usually need to give transfusions for those under 80. When I was in the hospital it was 67 and they were shocked that I was functioning normally. My first follow up saw it raise to 87. This follow up, after taking iron pills 2x a day is at 124! So I’m back into normal range. You guys, I’m amazed at the difference. Before I knew any better, I said I felt normal. Now is so different though, I just didn’t know any better. The doctor said I’ve likely been living with it like this for years, just undetected because I hadn’t been to the doctor in so long. I now wake in the morning and have energy and a clear head. No more groggy brain fog for hours. So he was happy with my results and said to just get checked in another 3 months. Hopefully I can find a family doctor in that time so I have a regular person to follow me. He did say I could just go to a walk in clinic if needed, or to contact him again and he’d be happy to help me if needed. So I’m SUPER happy with the results from where I was just a few months ago.

In other health, it was also a therapy week. It all went well and for once I wasn’t in a super hard head space. My next appointment will be in 6 weeks instead of 4 because of the holidays. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing and keeping the anxiety in a manageable place and hoping the holidays don’t affect the mood too much. My sleep has been better the last while and I’m sure it has to do with everything I’m staying consistent with – walking after work, yoga in the mornings, getting the iron levels normal and bringing healthy food to work. 

Unfortunately, with working Saturdays, I’m missing some Heroclix stuff that I’d love to have participated in. There is a sealed event with a new set that’s being released and would be in person and getting to see friends as well. Also, there is online unofficial worlds happening. I suppose technically I could have played in that one as it’s on Sunday only, but it’s going to be a very LONG day with swiss rounds in the morning and the top 16 happening in the evening. With it being my only day off of the week, I need to do chores and have some time to unwind and it’s just too long of a day. Not only that, it’s a pretty high entry fee and I haven’t practiced the team that I’d want to play enough for my liking – so it feels like a bit of a waste of an entry fee when I don’t feel strongly confidant in the team I’d be playing too. I do hope people stream some games so I can watch throughout the day.

I’m feeling excited about the side biz already this month. I put up a extra special with my monthly draw and it seems to be a popular one already. I’m doing a fill the stocking draw with multiple ways to get entries for it. With each purchase, I’m adding something else to the stocking – all having to do with self care. I started it off with a nail strip, of course, and chose an exclusive one that could only be earned and not purchased. So far, I already have 4 purchases, so I’m adding a bath bomb, hair towel, hand mask and foot file. I’ve got more stuff ready to add with more purchases and can’t wait to see how stuffed it gets!

It was my work Christmas party this week too. A nice little afternoon of finger foods, drinks and seeing the owner – who updated us a little on what’s happening and the vision. Of course, I had to do my nails with a winter/Christmas theme and put on these super cute snowmen.

I know I talked a little in my last blog about my mortgage renewal and wanting to pull some out of it to get some renos done. After having met with someone at the bank and going over options, a few days later I signed the papers for my early renewal and pulled some money off the line of credit and added it to my mortgage. I extended it a few years so I could keep they payments the same as what they are (a little lower actually!) and if I don’t end up needed all that I pulled, I can put it back onto the mortgage with an early payment and knock off those extra years I added on. A few days later I had someone walk through and showed them all that I’d like to have done for renovations and made a list for him to come back to me with a quote. I’m curious what it’ll end up being and if I took enough out to do it all or if some will have to wait. It feels really good though that I’ve started this process of getting some stuff fixed and updated. It really needs it!

That’s me these last 2 weeks. 

Until next time, xoxo