Pandemic Week 92

Here we go into what I’m hearing is being now called the 5th wave. Cases are going up SO fast again. The beginning of the week was over 1000, middle of the week over 2000 and today I saw over 4000. I’d read a news article that maybe it’s more aerosol than they thought with this variant, instead of the droplets they have been saying with the other variants. The article also suggested double masking now, so it’s what I’ve been doing when I’m out of the house for work. Stricter measures are coming back in place with reducing capacity, large venues can’t serve food/beverage and gatherings have been reduced too. I am glad that the ICU seems to be holding steady for the moment though. Curious how high the numbers will get before things get shut back down again…

I’m feeling so proud of myself for how well I’m doing with being consistent with both the walking and the yoga. I did both for 6 days this week. Yoga in the mornings and walking after work. My knee has been bothering me quite a bit with inflammation, but I’m not letting it stop me. I know that keeping it moving will help strengthen the muscles around it.

I’ve had some pretty high anxiety this week. It’s so hard when everything feels so overwhelming but I just don’t know what is bringing it on. I have moments of okay and then suddenly I feel all emotional and very badly needing quiet alone time and feel on the verge of tears. So many days when I got home from work I just went up and had a bath to get that quiet that I needed. Little things like background noise (tv, the train going by, people talking or even hearing the heating turn on) just exasperate the feeling.

This whole working 6 days a week is exhausting too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the extra pay from the extra hours, but I’m not getting the downtime I want. I’m still fitting in the self care with the walking, yoga, baths, writing and such. I’m not having a ton of time for stuff around the house. I did get a bunch done today on my only day off though. Started with laundry, including bedding, then sweeping, then a whole bunch of baking and ending with writing to get this blog out on schedule. I ended up with a whole lot more royal icing than I needed, so I am likely going to do more baking after work in the evenings this week. We don’t really do a ton for Christmas, but baking is one of the things I do enjoy doing. I’ll write more about the holidays next week though.

Another great week with the side biz. I’m having SO much fun with my draw this month and I’m getting so many entrants into it, which means I get to keep adding to it! The stuffing of the stocking is definitely getting nice and full.  So far it’s got a face mask, hand mask, hair towel, foot file, journal, fuzzy socks, bath bomb and an exclusive set of nail strips. I had another purchase come in today, so I’ll be adding something else tomorrow.. I have a few things here ready to add still so I just need to choose one of them. There’s lots of ways to enter without purchasing too, if you want to check it out. I also changed up my mani to another holiday design and tried out the French tips for the first time. 

Not too much else around here this week. Mostly just work, working out and self care along with housework. I’m definitely looking forward to next weekend, where I actually have the whole weekend off again (for now.. we’ll see if I end up being needed to help out again). 

Keep making self care a priority, especially in this hectic time of the year when things feel so overwhelming with putting pressure on ourselves to make things what we think need to be perfect for those around us. Don’t forget to keep filling your own cup in the process. 

Until next time, xoxo