Heroclix For Huntington’s Tournament – Modern Format

Here we go, the event that I usually play in – 300 point Modern. You all are going to be surprised because I’m not playing Vulture now that the new rules are in play and he got heavily nerfed. He’s still a good piece, just not broken like he was before. So I’ve built myself a new team and I actually did this one myself! Usually I get a whole bunch of help from my friends/teammates to help tweak it to be the best it can be, but this time it’s my own creation and I’m really enjoying it! I’m now having fun with Robots!

I’m a little nervous of some of the new pieces and new tech that I’m not familiar with but I’m glad that I’m beefy enough that I can hopefully survive stuff. Here’s the team I’m playing:

HX 65 Omega
XDPS 11b Magneto
JLU 69 Brainiac
JLU 18 Superman
WWE 111 WWE Ring

Round 1 was with team mate Paul C. He was playing a monster team of Sky Tyrant, Scarab, Mole Man, Human Torch, The Commissioner, Wendigo x4 and Moloid x2.  He had his 2 Moloids take and hold my, objects putting me behind on my timing. I KO’d them with attacks from both Magneto and Omega and then had Superman go over and grab the carnage symbiote to bring back towards Omega. He KO’d Superman with Human Torch. I split up Magneto and Omega on different sides of the map to make things a little harder for him. I grabbed the symbiote with Omega as I went and the exospex with Magneto. Sky Tyrant came in and flurried on Magneto then a Wendigo came in and flurried on him then he brought in Lex Luthor trouble maker to finished him off. I pretty much just had to clear Omega. He brought Sky Tyrant to Omega and I hit shape change. I brought Brainiac over to have as a theme prob and chose to not equip Omega and instead go after Sky Tyrant while he was still by me, needing a 6 and rolled 4’s and 5’s using all my probs. He missed some great size rolls and slowly moved some Wendigo’s over to where Omega was. I tried again on Sky Tyrant and missed again. He got through Omega’s first dial with the Wendigos in 2 turns while I cleared, missing my willpower roll. I finally was able to get Sky Tyrant while back top dial. The next turn he had enough attacks with the Wendigos to get right through my dial taking me out (using ones that had battle fury while I was on shape change clicks and using ones with exploit weakness when I had reducers). I lost 300-70, 0-1.

Round 2 was with Isaac AB who was playing The Commissioner, Jason Wyngarde, Dark Phoenix, Franklin Richards, Molecule Man, Ch’p and Mary Jane Watson. I won map and put us on Metal Arena. I did my equipping. He moved halfway up the map with the group, over on the elevated. I moved Omega out to the middle of the map, in position to snipe the colossals. He took out Brainiac and Superman and made Paparazzi’s. I didn’t get my willpower and had to clear Omega and couldn’t see anyone with Magneto with his team in stealth so chose sidestep with the exospex. He tied me up with Paparazzi (both Magneto and Omega) and got halfway through Magneto’s dial with attacks from the rookie. I sidestepped with Magneto and took out 2 Paparazzi. Omega running shot and took out both Colossals. He finished off Magneto, got Omega off top click and tied me up with another Paparazzi. I finally remembered that I have plasticity from the symbiote that I was forgetting for the first half of the game and broke away to charge KOing molecule man. I missed enough shape changes that he was able to get through me with penetrating damage between Rookie and Franklin choosing flurry, battle fury and exploit. He won 300-70, 0-2.

Round 3 I was with Sam who was playing Darkseid, The Thing, Molecule Man and All-Black the Necrosword. I won map and put us on metal arena. First turn I equiped, she equiped. I moved up towards the center of the map to get closer to her. She got 4 on her Molecule Man roll. She moved Darkseid’s marker through Omega and hit for 7 damage and rolled 6 on her Molecule Man. I moved Omega up to base Darkseid if the barrier wasn’t there, hoping for a low MM roll next turn, and I  KO’d Crimson Sage to heal one from the carnage symbiote. She got Omega again for another 7 with the marker, resetting me then took an action to attack again and hit, putting me half down my dial. One of The Things pogs took out Superman and then Molecule Man rolled another 6.  I shot one of The Things pogs to heal one again and took off tokens 3 to raise my stats. She missed her next attack and rolled enough with Molecule Man to mostly protect again. I tried to hit Molecule Man and missed. She moved away with everyone.  I charged in and tried to hit Molecule Man again and missed. She moved Molecule Man away, getting the 6 she needed against my plasticity, and took The Thing with her. Darkseid hit me for 5, taking 3 after my reducer and landing me on flurry/steal energy.  I removed the 3 tokens and hit with both attacks on Darkseid and she missed both impervious rolls, KOing Darkseid. She conceded after that.  I won 300-10, 1-2.

Round 4 I played Nate with his F4 team of The Thing, Wolverine, Franklin Richards, Black Leopard, Invisible Woman (I don’t know his initial team, this is what he chose to swap in). He won map and put us on trenches, KOing my boxing ring. He moved up his group into stealth so I had to come to him. I equipped. He flung Wolvering across with TK (using Franklin, who rolled to take 3 damage at the end of turn) to get a flurry off on Magneto and moved The Things pogs towards me too. I took out The Thing to get him off the map with Superman and Omega and equipped Magneto. He moved the pogs closer and cleared.  I running shot with Omega to pulsewave everyone but the pogs and Black Leopard, sidestepped Superman closer and moved Brainiac closer. I outwitted the charge on the pog. He tried to shoot Omega but I rolled successful shape change and he moved the pogs over to Magneto. Oh, I’m just going to say this now, I think I rolled almost every single shape change and willpower roll with Omega this game. I chose pulsewave with Magneto and got rid of both pogs and pulsewaved with Omega again, this time hitting everyone on his team. He moved everyone over to base me. I pulsewaved with both Magneto and Omega and brought Brainiac closer and rolled to pen damage them all too. Wolverine came back in and took out Magneto. I just kept pulsewaving with Omega and brought over Superman who took out The Thing. He wasn’t able to get anyone else before I finished off his team and I won 300-55, 2-2.

Round 5 was with Paris. He was playing a team of Victor Mancha, Morgan Le Fay, Molecule Man, Felix Faust, Steve Rogers and shifting Black Widow. He won map and put us on Helicarrier Interior – my first time playing on this map. I put my WWE ring closer to his side, opening up some of the hallway.  I’m going to admit I felt very lost against this matchup because I have not played against most of the figures, so I was trying to figure out what everything did. He did some equipping and moved up a little, protecting with Barrier. I equipped too, moving up Magneto a little. He KO’d Superman and protected with some barrier. I had Magneto break a square of the barrier so Omega could shoot Steve Rogers, the only one not in stealth. He put a bunch of attacks in on Magneto and switched to shifting Widow with the smoke cloud to take away my Cosmic Energy on Omega. I had to clear Magneto and Omega but I moved Brainiac far into the corner of a room so he’d be harder to get to.  He finished off Magneto, outwitted Omega’s shape change and invincible with the smoke cloud under her and got her off her top clicks, using the exospex in one of the attacks and got some Molecule Man barrier up.  I moved Omega in to be adjacent to Wonder Woman and Victor Mancha. He outwitted me and got me through my first dial. I took some off my tokens off to get +3 stats and double target attacked both Black Widow and Victor Mancha, hitting both. Black Widow missed her super senses so I chose to do 5 of the 6 damage to KO her. I’m now up 75-72 and all I need to do is keep Omega alive. He tried to attack but couldn’t hit my high defense from my +3.  Even though I was double tokened, I removed 3 more tokens to try and keep myself alive.  Instead of attacking me, he chose to barrier around me, trapping me in so I couldn’t attack him and cleared so he’d be fresh when I didn’t have tokens left.  I needed to hit shape change to stay alive but unfortunately missed one and he was able to finish me off.  I noticed that the time between when the score was reported and last action was only 2 minutes… so a few more shape changes and I would have *just* won.  That indoor map is what did me in, having no way to both get out of it and attack or run away. I lost 300-75, 2-3.

That’s it for my modern run of the weekend.  As usual, I hung around and watched games that were streamed.  I really wanted to make Omega work and maybe I’ll try her again.  I liked the team but it’s got some clear problems with barrier and being swarmed.  If you were an opponent and I missed writing about something in our game, let me know and I’ll update it.  It was a very long weekend and I pieced it together the best I could remember.  Thanks for all the great games friends! 

Until next time, xoxo