Pandemic Week 62

Here we are, another day, another week. Still in stay at home order and grey lockdown. They haven’t talked about extending the stay at home order past June 2nd yet. They are talking about stages of reopening based on a combination of % of the population vaccinated and numbers going down with the ICU capacity hitting under certain numbers. The projections I saw have my work not opening until stage 3, which they’re predicting to be maybe in August. 

This week I was invited to be on a couple of podcasts and I actually accepted! It totally steps way out of my comfort zone as I am usually the quiet one in the group and happy to just be there vs having the attention on me.  Unfortunately, I was completely exhausted and ended up crashing for a nap and slept right through the alarm I set and missed recording the JSA podcast with Jay, Devin and Josh.  The other one I was asked to be on was Coffee and Clix with Anthony Bruno (Tlish) and it was just released last night.  We talked about last weekends charity event that I won fellowship in and also chatted along with Brad Broyles (Bradcast Show) who won 2nd place 2 days in a row. You can check out the video here:

Speaking of sleeping right through my alarm, my sleep this last week has taken a complete 180 from last week and I’m amazed that I’ve been feeling tired at night and falling asleep much easier. I’m shocked that I’ve slept between 7-9 hours every single night this last week.  Falling asleep between 11-2 and waking between 9-10, consistently.  It feels so good to actually be having good sleep with how crazy it’s been the last long while. It all started after that crazy weekend of heroclix last weekend and it completely wore me out.  Just being “on” for so many hours – my brain hasn’t been used to that much activity while home in this pandemic. 

Speaking of heroclix, this week the kiddo and I continued our sealed games with the rest of the Wonder Woman 80 set. Normally we would have finished that right away but I was too busy practicing for the event last week to get it all played. 

That wasn’t the only family time we had either.  The 3 of us actually had a family day where we played games – like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on the ps5.  We play as a group collectively answering the questions to see how far we can get. Then we watched a movie together. One of the questions was about the movie Inside Out and my brother hasn’t seen it before.  It’s one of my favorites so we turned it on and watched it together.  For a family who usually just spends mostly dinners with a couple primetime TV shows together and the rest of the time we’re all pretty much apart in our rooms – it was really nice to spend that extra time together being social. 

I stupidly played with that polygel stuff to try and add length to my nails. A bunch of them had broken so I figured it was a good time to try playing around and experimenting. It was great for a day (even if I did make them too long), but my application wasn’t the greatest and a few popped off, which did some damage to my nails. I tried to put some of the gel strips on them before they popped off though, but because my application wasn’t the greatest, they had bubbles and lifted. I really needed to have done them smoother. 

One of my self care things this week that I did was putting laundry my away.  So many times it just sits clean in the basket and never gets put away. I’m not the only one, right?! However, once I was done with that, it prompted me to keep going and organizing another corner of my room. It feels great for my head knowing that I had the motivation to do a little cleaning and it makes me smile when I walk in my room. 

On the biz side of things I’m still waiting on the announcement for the official Canada launch date, but I got a bulk order that I was able to put through and it’s expected to arrive tomorrow. So I’m not as overwhelmed when it arrives, I started labeling boxes and writing thank you cards so it’s easier to package up and be ready to take over to the post office. I want to be as prompt as I can in getting everyone their stuff. 

Other than re-starting Breaking Bad as my Netflix binge (it’s been a long time since I first watched it), that’s about it around here in my little world. 

Until next time, xoxo


2 thoughts on “Pandemic Week 62”

  1. Glad that you had some good sleep during the week. I can imagine what that does to the body. I am a night owl so I work at night and try to sleep during the day. It sucks most of the time.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! It has been such an amazing feeling finally getting a good stretch of sleep and I hope it keeps up! I used to work nights and had a backwards schedule too – you’re right, it can be difficult when your schedule is off from most others and society time.

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