Heroclix For Huntington’s Tournament – Silver Family Format

The first of 2 tournaments this past weekend is the Silver Family event. The stipulations for this event is you must have at least 2 people on your team who are related somehow. Siblings, parent and child, marriage, etc. You can build using any figures from sets so long as they have the new card format, using the modern maps and there is quite a long ban list of certain meta pieces that you can’t use.

I just kind of scrolled through different sets and was looking at pieces that I’ve never used before and wanted to try playing and then looked to see if there was family that could work with them. Now, something you need to know about me is I don’t read comics, so this was a little challenging and a whole lot of googling to see if I could make something work. Some stuff I wanted to try had no family I could find in my searches, or if they did have family there was no legal pieces I wanted to use.

I ended up deciding that I wanted to play chase Thor that comes with the lightning marker and I paired him with his adopted brother, Loki (God of Trickery one) and that I liked the Odin from the movie set. I couldn’t decide what to fill out the rest of the team with and Jay helped me fill out 65 points with Eitri and Jane and I used the last 10 points on the rings.  I wanted Odin to have some extra protection with the shape change and I figured a TK would be good on Jane as a way to throw Thor out. 

I highly doubt that I’ll do very well with the team, but prizing goes to 32 and there are also some fellowship prizes for the best family centered teams. But really, I’m just playing in this event to have fun. My main goal was wanting to get as many Loki’s on the map as I could. I usually don’t play in events that aren’t modern, but it’s for charity. Anyways, without further ado, here’s my team:

CAAV 70 Thor
TMT 2 Loki
TMT 2t God of Trickery
TRM 11 Odin
TMT 22 Jane Foster
ABPI 32 Eitri (Power gem, Soul gem and Mjolnir)
Mandarin rings (Remaker and Spin)

Every game my first 2 turns were always the same. Turn 1 was to equip Thor (I chose Soul gem every game), Eitri grabbed the Spin ring and dropped it to Jane who equipped and Odin grabbed the Remaker. Turn 2 was always equipping Odin with Remaker and phasing the Loki’s out. 

Round 1 I was against a local player, Emmanuel. He was playing a Spider-Man Family team of Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man, Steampunk Peni, Spider Hamurai, Ultron, Superman and Skyscraper Wonder Woman x2.  He won map and put us on Aunt Petunia. He found my real Loki on the first try, causing the others to poof. I outwitted Spider Hamurai’s defense so I could shoot with Thor and hit him to last click. I tried to finish him off with Loki but missed my attack. He KO’d Loki then came in on Thor with Spider Man and hit, taking mystics from my lightning marker. I punched with Thor to KO’d Spider Man and he destroyed the trash can and turned into Peter Parker. He attacked Thor with Hamurai and then died forgetting the mystics. I just had to basically clear. He KO’d Thor with Superman who also died to the mystics. He used my dropped Soul gem to KO Eitri and then time was called.  I lost 250-80, 0-1.

Round 2 was against Jamie from Vegas.  He was playing a Teen Titan team of 4 Flashes (2 charge ones, 1 TK one and 1 outwit one), Raven, Impulse, Donna Troy, Necrosword and Octopus Arms. Raven brought up the 2 charge Flashes who equipped octopus arms and necrosword.  I moved Loki’s into position. He charged with the Flashes, ignoring the Loki’s and Thor and took out all my support.  I took out Raven with Thor.  He outwitted Thor’s defense and double targeted Thor and a Loki, I got the shape change and spawned another Loki, Donna Troy hit Thor. I missed all my attacks this turn with Thor and Loki’s. He outwitted Thor and flurried with giant reach to KO Thor.  I’m realizing as I write this that those attacks would have KO’d his Flash with the mystics, but I completely forgot about it. Necrosword Flash hit the real Loki to stop and made him the last figure I had alive. I tried to KO a Flash by outwitting defense but missed my attack and he finished off the last Loki. I lost 300-40, 0-2.

Round 3 was against Ray. He was playing an X-Men team of Storm, Forge, Beast, Havock, Cyclops and Magneto. I won map and put us on Pleasant Hill. He moved up onto the roof top, away from the rim. He sidestepped up and attacked a Loki, it was a fake one. I TK’d out and moved Thor up to his area. He found the real Loki. I took out Beast. He was moving towards my starting area with Storm and Magneto and hurt Loki along the way. I got Cyclops to last click. He took out Jane. I KO’d Cyclops and moved Eitri and Odin up to the middle of elevation. He hurt Eitri. I took out Havock. He KO’d Eitri and Odin. I took out Storm. He tried hitting Thor and missed (needing 11’s for every attack). I hit Magneto and he masterminded to Forge, KOing Forge and last action was called.  I won 275-175, 1-2.

Round 4 James who was playing Cosmic Grandpas with Nathaniel Richards, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, Cable, Rachel Grey and Corsair. I won 300-35.  He found the right Loki on the 2nd try. I TK’d out Thor and hit Corsair to last click and then did a energy explosion with the marker to KO him and Nathaniel and hurt 2 others. I started moving Loki towards Jane and Jane healed him to top. He hurt Thor with Franklin (choosing running shot/range combat expert/invincible) hurt himself for 2 with his roll. I took out Rachel. He flurried with Franklin putting me to stop with no follow up, took 2 mystics and 2 more hurt from his roll putting him on 7. I got away with Thor to bring him back to Jane who healed him. He brought the team to tie me up, not realizing that Jane can heal while Thor is adjacent to opposing. I healed Thor and finished off Franklin. He took out Jane. I took out Valeria. He had to clear. I finished off Cable just as time got called and won 300-35, 2-2.

Round 5 was with Mike who was playing a monster team of Dr. Frankenstein, Mik, Tong, Moloid, Wendigo, Surtur, Carnage, The Commissioner, Raven, Sky Tyrant and Venom Dr. Strange. He double targeted two of my Loki’s.  One of them got shape change (the real one) so he targeted the other two.  Neither got their super sense rolls, so they both died so he knew who the real one was. I TK’d Thor up and took out Venom Dr. Strange. He retal’d with Surtur and hit but then died to mystics. He easily took out the rest of my injured team and I lost 300-70, 2-3.

No making the cut to single elimination today.  I had an absolute blast though – even if I never got more than 1 extra Loki on the board. My highlight of the day was one of my opponents telling me that they wouldn’t even be playing online with roll20 if it wasn’t for my blog post tutorial. That made my heart so happy and I love that people are finding the tutorial helpful! 

The next day they announced who won the 4 fellowship prizes for this family event and I can’t believe I got chosen as 2nd place – most unique team and they’d also heard of me having a good attitude, fun and helpful to play against.  I’m STILL in shock that I was chosen. The fellowship prizing was insane and I have a whole bunch of stuff that will be coming my way including: HOX factory set, event map, event exclusive Scott Porter pog, a couple of LE’s and a super early release play at home Deadpool kit.

Catch me soon for my 300 modern tournament report from the next day! 

Until next time, xoxo