Roll20 for Heroclix Tutorial – Set Up & Play Tips

Want to learn how to play Heroclix online on Roll20? I know there are a few different YouTube videos from various content creators available, but I also know that everyone learns differently. So for those of you who are better with written instructions and pictures – this is for you!
First step is to make yourself a free Roll20 account. Just go to and click on Create Your Free Account to create your account.

Want your own room to play in and invite people to? That’s where we’re going to start.  If you know someone who has a room already and you just want to know how to play, just scroll down past the first 6-7 pictures for the playing tips.

Here’s the steps to set the specifications for your room. Click on Create New Game. Then give your room a name and you can tag it with Heroclix then click I’m Ready, Create Game.
This next screen, you can upload a picture for your room if you wish, it’s optional. Here’s my room with my blog logo as my picture.
From this screen is where you can start the game or invite players. Let’s set up the room first, so click on Launch Game (you only need to do this room set up once. Once you have your room set up, you’re good to go for future games – just invite your friends, which I’ll teach next).
This is what your room will look like to start. To zoom in or out, you can use either arrow I’m pointing to – the slide bar or the icon. I personally like 40-50% for my laptop screen. Now this isn’t a good size for a Heroclix map, so let’s set the specifications.
First click on the little blue folder tab by arrow 1.  Then click on the gear symbol by arrow 2.  This will bring up the settings for the page.
You want to make the page 34×24 (width x height).  Also change the Page Scale to 1 ft. Then hit OK.
Now you can create a background with a map area, side board, team set up areas and such like you see in the games that get streamed.  There is a backdrop picture available in the ROC Online Discord, in the Resources room of the channel if you want to use one already created and just save it to the map layer (you’re going to want to join the ROC Online Discord channel.  This is where they run online Win A Maps and Qualifiers and there is a room where you can ask if anyone is looking for a random game at any time too). Bradcast also has a bunch of backgrounds that he’s made available too that are available on the Bradcast Discord and you’ll want to be in there too for his Friday night tournaments.
Let’s invite some friends!  You need to be in the lobby of your room to do this.  If you’re in the room, click on the gear symbol to exit the room then click on your room name to get back to your lobby.
From there you can click on the Invite Player button by arrow 1 then copy the share link by arrow 2 and send that to whoever you want to invite.
Once they’ve clicked the link, tell them to NOT enter the room just yet.  You need to first make them a GM.  If you don’t, they won’t be able to add their team or move any pieces in the room.  Once they’ve clicked on the link, refresh your page so they show up for you and then right click on their name/picture and select Promote to GM.
Once you’re in the room, you’re going to notice that the pictures by your names are super big and will cover some of the map.  You can take the picture away and have it show names only by clicking on the gear symbol by arrow 1 and then scroll down to Player Avatar Size and change it to names only.  Then scroll down to almost the bottom and change both: I want to Broadcast to others and I want to Receive from others to Nothing (Disable).  We use Discord for voice and if you don’t turn these off, you’re going to have an echo.
Let’s add pictures for our team! First you need to save pictures to your computer. You can find fantastic pictures that Clay, Bryan and Cory have worked on at for both modern figure images and maps. They’ve also been putting images for the most recent sets in the Eaglecast Discord. Brad from the Bradcast Discord channel also has a phenomenal amount of graphics available too if you’re looking for older stuff as well.

First you’re going to click on the Art Library icon by arrow 1.  Then click on My Library by arrow 2.  Add pictures that you’ve saved to your computer now by clicking on Upload by arrow 3. You can rename the picture by right clicking on it after you’ve uploaded it if you wish.  Arrow 4 shows how you can make a folder.  You can see I’ve got several created – terrain/objects, maps, pogs, trouble alerts and whatever team I’m currently using.
By putting your team in a folder, it makes it easier to just highlight it all (right click and Select All) and drag it into the room.  Especially helpful if you’re playing in the ROC Online tournaments where you’re going from room to room and having to put your pieces into the room each time.
So I’ve put my team out and sized them to the proper sizes for their base size.  Just click on the picture and drag it out to the right size you need.  Then do the same for the map to make it map sized.  You can see how small it is with arrow 1 and then stretched to proper size on the right of the picture.  Now, you need to put the map to the map layer.  You can do this 2 ways.  The first way, if you pulled out your map with your team – then it’s all on the same Token layer (you want your figures to be on that Token layer).  You need to move it to the map layer so it doesn’t move around as you’re moving your figures.  You want to right click on the map then arrow 2 shows you to click on Layer and then arrow 3 shows you where to click Map Layer. If you don’t pull your map out at the same time as your team – then it’s a little different of an order. You can click on the icon by arrow 4.  From there you can click Map & Background.  Now find your map, drag it out the same way and then click on the icon by arrow 4 again and go back to the Objects & Tokens layer to get back to be able to move your figures around.
Speaking of moving figures around – let’s do that!  You need to make sure you’re on that top icon by arrow 1. Just drag the picture to where you want to move it to. Now click on the picture of the character and you’ll see a bunch of circles appear. Let’s chat about these circles.  The 3 circles across the top by arrow 2 are where we keep track of click number. To put a number in one of them, just click in the circle, type the number and hit enter.  Most people use the red circle for click number. You can use the blue/green circles to keep track of things like Lockjaw infinity tokens, title character plot points, etc.  Just communicate to your opponent where your tracking method will be.  Now click on the button by arrow 3.
This is how we give action tokens.  Just click on one of the colours to give an action token.  Click the same colour to remove the action token when clearing.  Most people use blue and red – I like pink and purple.  Personally, I like to use red and yellow to indicate that they’re holding a heavy/light object.  I also like to give one of the shapes – like the wrench or skull and crossbones – when I’ve equipped them with an object to show that they’re equipped. Again, just communicate with your opponent so they’re on the same page as you and understand what you’re doing. You can see in this picture that I’ve got on Vulture – 1 action token, he’s equipped and holding a light object – all at quick glance.
Need a line of fire tool?  This next icon will do the trick.  Click on Snap To Center. Click in the square you’re wanting to draw line of fire from and while you’re still holding the left button on your mouse, drag it to the square you’re trying to see.  Then you can tell if the line will cross blocking or hindering or such. Make sure you go back to that top cursor icon when you’re ready to move your figures again.
You can also use this same Snap To Center to show your travel path.  While still holding down the left button on your mouse, do a quick click and release on the right mouse button then drag to the next square.  You can do this multiple times.  I’m showing in this pic that Phoenix is going to TK Vulture 6 squares, then Sidestep 2, then Charge 5 over to Captain America.
Now lets roll some dice!  There are 4 different ways to do this.  I’ll show you all the ways here and you can pick which you prefer.
Dice rolling #1.  Just typing in your command.  So you’re going to need to be in the chat window (by arrow 1) for all of these so that you see the dice roll come up.  You can type /roll d6 then Enter.  Or /roll 2d6 then Enter (arrow 2).
Dice rolling #2. Hover over the Dice icon by arrow 1.  Then click on the D6 that you see highlighted blue by arrow 2 to roll 1d6.  If you want 2d6 then click on the 2 next to it, where arrow 3 is pointing to.
Dice rolling #3.  That same Dice icon by arrow 1- this time click on it instead of hovering over it.  You’ll see this dice roller pop up.  If you click on the picture of the D6 by arrow 2, it will roll 1 die.  Change the Advanced Roll by arrow 3 to 2 D6 then click Roll to roll 2d6.  I like to shrink this dice roller box down a little and drag it to fit over the top of the chat window area so it’s handy.
Dice rolling #4. Create yourself macros for your room.  You’ll have to recreate them for yourself in any room you go into if you want them. Click on the 3 lines by arrow 1.  Then click Add by arrow 2.  That will bring up the box to create.  Give it a name (1d6 or 2d6) by arrow 3.  Then put the command (the same ones in dice rolling option #1 described above) by arrow 4.  Then scroll down and make Visible To Players and choose All Players, so everyone who enters your room can see the macros. Save it by arrow 5.  Then put a check mark by In Bar at arrow 6.  Then your macro will show up at the bottom of the screen by arrow 7.  You’ll have to do this twice so you can set up each different dice roll.
Last little tip for you is how to drag a number onto the field.  This is handy for theme probs or if you’re playing something like Trelane or Prime Q so you can display what number you’ve got for them. It will look like the 5 by arrow 1.  See that 5 in the brackets by arrow 2?  That’s in your chat screen where you rolled dice.  Just drag that 5 over onto the board and it’ll bring it right there.  If you want to change the number on the this token, just right click on it and choose Multi-Sided and then Choose Side to change it.  If you’re in a tournament that provides graphics of clickable dials with the figure stats on them, you will change the click number this same way.
I hope this helped you have the confidence to try a game on Roll20. Need clarification on something? Have more questions? Drop a comment below and I’ll help if I’m able!  Make sure you join the ROC Online Discord channel and find someone to play with or join a tournament!

Until next time, xoxo

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