Pandemic Week 61

This week can be summed up in 2 words. Heroclix and sleep. So much of my week has been pretty all consumed by them. There’s some other stuff sprinkled in there of course, but that has definitely been a focus of this week. As for the state of our city, we’re still in lockdown and stay at home order – that was extended again for another 2 weeks so the new date to end the stay at home order is June 2nd.

Sleep has been completely terrible this week. I’ve been getting an average of 3-4 hours a night. Unable to fall asleep until basically the morning and waking up still in the morning just sucks. Feeling exhausted and unable to sleep is not a fun place to be in. Such mind fog and lack of motivation when not properly rested. However, towards the end of the week, I actually felt tired enough to crash around 10pm one night and listened to my body and did something I don’t normally do – bowed out of a group practice night to sleep even though I had said I was going to. I don’t like breaking commitments and I get anxiety by going back on what I said and fear of hurting others feelings – but I did what I needed to do for ME and actually got a solid 9 hours for the first time all week. That kind of re-set me and I’ve been getting 5-8 hours the last few nights now. 

This weekend there’s a charity event for heroclix and I’m playing in both events. I’ve been practicing my teams every single day leading up to it and getting in a whole bunch of reps with my teams to hopefully at least make the cut. I really don’t think I’ll do well with my silver family team but I hope to do well with the modern one. You guys know I’ll be writing up my tournament reports for my games. I’ll likely do 2 separate posts to break up each one as they’re going to be long. 

I wasn’t going to write more about the heroclix here and was going to save it for the tournament reports, BUT – I won fellowship! There were 4 fellowship prizes up for grabs. I won the 2nd place one for most unique team that represented the theme of family as well as my opponents talking about how enjoyable I am to play against.  The prizing for fellowship was insane! I get a factory set of HOX, early release play at home kit for a set not yet released, the event map, the exclusive Scott Porter pog and a couple LE’s (Ambrose Chase and Deadpool the Duck). 

Something that made my heart happy was one of my opponents expressed how much my tutorial of how to play heroclix online is the sole reason he even felt comfortable to play online and told me that he’s constantly sharing my tutorial with others who want to play online also. Another of my opponents wasn’t very comfortable with roll20 and I was helping him with things he could do and messaged him the link to my tutorial so he could be more comfortable next time he plays. It’s hearing comments like that that make it all worth the time I put into making that tutorial and I love so much that it’s been helpful for people. 

Other than that, the rest of the week has been pretty same old. Working the side biz (no, we’re not officially launched in Canada yet – tech issues have held it back again), moving my body most days (those Chloe Ting HIIT videos have been my jam lately), eating my produce and watching calories (still all.the.frozen.fruit with yogurt for breakfast which helps boost how much I’m getting in) and focusing on the self care every day to pull all the positives out of everything to focus on.

That’s it about here this week.

Until next time, xoxo