Heroclix WAM ROC World’s Qualifier #4

Last chance to get a seat in Worlds before weekend of the tournament qualifier.  I couldn’t play in the 3rd qualifier because I wasn’t home from work in time.  There were 15 people playing in this 4th qualifier, so they did 4 rounds of Swiss and cut to top 4.  I’m still playing the exact same team that I played in the 2nd qualifier of Vulture, Jason Wyngarde, Cadmus Labs Scientist, Wesley Crusher, Everett K Ross, Mr. Oz, Tri-Sentinel, Valeria Von Doom, spin ring and octopus arms.

As always, these are to the best of my recollection and if I’ve misremembered anything, feel free to correct me if you were one of my opponents!

190-190 Round 1 was with one of my playtest buddies, Tom. He was playing Valeria Von Doom, Valeria Richards, Sue Storm, God Emperor Doom, WWE ring and Iceberg Lounge map bonus. He tk’d my arms and equipped them to GED and had a seal take my spin ring. I put up barrier next to the seals to have Tri-Sentinel blow them up then TK’d the spin ring to valeria and equipped. He tried to shoot Tri-Sentinel with Doombot and missed. I retaled with Tri-Sentinel and crit hit.  Then perplexed up Vulture to go in and got to Valeria Richards and got her, then over to Valeria Von Doom and rolled a 3, so missed by 1 and that ended my alpha. He flurried with God Doom on Vulture and crit hit on both attacks. I retreated with Valeria and Tri-Sentinel.  He came toward me by TKing God Doom up and I think he got Tri-Sentinel. I TK’d Chewie over to him to try and flurry/blades him so I could then spin him to KO, but missed my attacks with Chewie. I think he got my Chewie on the next turn. I’m pretty sure I mostly just cleared. He charged in and got Wesley.  I tried to TK God Doom with Oz to move him over to Gaea so I could close combat expert but crit missed and brought in Black Vulcan to pen poison him. Then I spun him with Valeria to not have to deal with shape change and Black Vulcan shot him for the KO. He brought his Valeria over who used the spin ring on Oz to KO him. Black Vulcan took a damage at the beginning of the turn and then I got his Valeria Von Doom by TKing Vulcan over to Valeria and perplexing up his damage and punching and then getting my Valeria over to spin her for the KO.  He got my Valeria back the next turn and also got Black Vulcan – last action got called as I was about to roll super senses and I wasn’t successful with it. Tom said ok, now roll 2d6 because his getting Black Vulcan made us tied at 190 points each. I ended up rolling higher than him and got the win. 190-190 roll off in my favour, so 1-0.   

Round 2 was against David M. who was playing Tri-Sentinel x 3, Brainiac x 4, Superman x 3, Danger Room Magneto and Sinister, Peni and Exospex. He won map and put us on Ancient Hold and came up with Sinister and Magneto to the center of the map. I used Tri-Sentinel to blow up walls so I had TK lines to get my objects. He moved Sinister and Magneto right to my starting area to tie up Oz and block lines. I brought in a Chaos with Jason to TK Magneto away and missed. So I spun Magneto away. He attacked With sinister on Oz and hit, I probbed the roll with Oz and he crit hit, so no super senses and then called in Grodd and got all my support figures with quake/knockback. I brought in Chewie and flurried on Magneto and then finished him off with Vulture then got Grodd and used the charge off of Grodd to move forward by going into the middle room with Valeria. He retaled on Chewie and got Tri-Sentinel too and then made an attack with Sinister on Jason. But then he didn’t have the actions to do what he wanted of bringing in multiple outwits to shut down Valeria and Vulture so he passed instead of moving anyone in closer to Vulture. I perplexed up Vultures movement with Valeria and TK’d with Valeria so Vulture could get into the back row of his figures finally. Just as my first flurry went off and I got a Superman, time was called so I wasn’t able to use any built up charges. 1 more minute to roll a couple more attacks on all those Tri-Sentinels/Brainiacs and I would have had it – so close and well played. I lost 115-70 and am now at 1-1.

Round 3 opponent was Jose R. from Mexico. He was playing Punisher War Machine, Medusa, 1776, Mary Jane, Magneto 2×2, Pharoah and Carnage Symbiote. He won map and put us on WWE Arena and I chose the clear side. First turn he equipped PWM and passed. I equipped Vulture and Valeria and Sidestepped people so they weren’t adjacent as much as I could. He TK’d PWM up and moved with Pharoah carrying everyone and copied SHIELD with them all and then used running shot to double target Vulture and Oz with energy explosion, hitting them all with splash on Everett and Wesley, KOing Wesley and putting Everett to last click. His follow up on Vulture for the free attack missed, so I had a chance.  I gave Vulture battle fury with the Cadmus dude, TK’d with Valeria and went after the Paparazzi and crit missed on the first attack so only got one of them. That got me back to Medusa and got her then Magneto. Then I went over to 1776 and got him and then Pharoah and got her – he couldn’t get any of his super sense rolls. Then I put an attack on PWM, still having the battle fury but I only hit one of the flurry attacks. I then retaled with Tri-Sentinel and missed. He took out Tri-Sentinel and then tried to hit Vulture but missed. I brought out Chaos and TK’d Chewie over and attacked PWM. He didn’t get shape change and I rolled a 6 on blades, putting him on last click because he was on click 2 and then missed with the 2nd attack. I got Valeria over to him with the free move and sidestep and used the spin ring to KO him. From there it was just clean up on MJ and he brought Iron Man in for her secret identity and I got him to take the team for a win 300-150 thanks to some lucky hits on my part and misses on his part. Now sitting at 2-1. 

Round 4 was against Olan from France. He was playing Black Leopard, The Thing, Wolverine, Franklin Richards, Valeria Von Doom, necrosword, spin ring and space gem. He won map and put us on Wakanda.  He equips necrosword on Wolverine and space gem on Thing and spin on Valeria.  I do my usual equipping.  He moves up just a little, in formation with Black Leopard in front, Valeria in back, Wolverine exposed on the bottom and Franklin hidden on top between Leopard and the elevated with Thing in the middle for the defend on all of them.  He perplexes up Franklin and Thing. I TK Vulture over and get Valeria and put the 2nd attack on Thing to hurt him. With my built up charge I finish off Thing and then put an attacks on Black Leopard, but I think I missed.  He takes out Vulture.  I bring over Jason for some mind control and I think I took out Black Leopard then by hitting with his Franklin on him and finishing him off with a Valeria spin.  His Franklin was on click 6 and so I made a Chewie pog to flurry on him but rolled a 1 on both blades rolls.  He took out my Jason, I think with a good blades roll on Wolverine.  Then, he chose charge/super strength with Franklin and picked up my octopus arms that Vulture dropped and used them in an object attack and missed – but it didn’t matter, because the octopus arms getting destroyed in that attack put him up by 5 points when time was called.  I lost 135-130 putting me at 2-2 and ending my day.  

Congrats to Olan for winning the day.  He made great decisions, had great positioning and definitely deserved the win – I watched games after I got knocked out and he played well in those games too.  I love so much that I got to play people from both France and Mexico and by playing online – all these people from all over are able to participate and I think that’s fantastic. 

Looks like I’ll have to play in the early morning qualifier this weekend to try and make it in.  I don’t know how many people will be getting in, but I think I heard it’s a pretty big portion.  So long as I keep doing at least 50/50 or better like I’ve been doing with this team, I’m sure I can get a spot.

Until next time, xoxo 

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