Last Chance 2020 ROC Online Worlds Qualifier

Here we are, the weekend of ROC Online Worlds weekend. Saturday morning is the last chance qualifier, which I have signed up for – seeing as I don’t have a spot yet. They’re taking the top half of participants for this one, which includes some 2-2’s making it in, so odds are hopefully good to get a spot and I’m feeling confidant because I’ve been placing between top half and top 4 in all the qualifiers I’ve tried. Same team as the 4th qualifier game, here we go! 

Round 1 was against Steve B from Belgium. He was playing Tri-Sentinel x2, Steampunk Peni, Marvella, Mary Jane Watson, Brainiac, all 3 Danger Room guys – Magneto, Sinister, Sabertooth, exospex and zero ring. He won map and put us on Ancient Hold. He moved up Sabertooth, Sinister, 1 Tri-Sentinel and Magneto a little and equipped. I equipped and did some Tri-Sentinel fizzling to get rid of some of the blocking. He came up a little closer, but split up. I came in with Vulture and got both Tri-Sentinels, Marvella and Brainiac. I’m on click 3 by the end of my alpha because I both pushed and crit missed on one of the attacks. He rolled MJ and got 3 Paparazzi and 2 of them rolled the 8 to incap Vulture, getting me to click 5. I brought in a Chewie who flurried to finish off Magneto. He finally got through Vulture with Peni and also got my Tri-Sentinel with Magneto. My Valeria got leadership and took the token off Chewie who flurried to KO Sabertooth just before time was called and I got the win 205-80, 1-0. 

Round 2 was with Nate. He was playing a similar team to the last qualifier but tweaked.  This version he ended up on the map with 1776, Marvella, Mary Jane Watson, Sue Storm, Black Leopard and Invisible Woman. He won map and put us on WWE Arena. He used Sue Storm to TK my arms through her blocking square and destroyed them. I equipped Valeria. He barriered up in the back corner, but left the very back open. I still decided to go in with Vulture and only got Marvella and hurt Sue. He got Vulture. I tried to retal single target on Black Leopard to one shot him with 11/6 but missed the 6. He retreated Black Leopard, Sue, Invisible Woman and 1776 into stealth, protecting 1776, the only one without stealth currently. That left behind Mary Jane who I got by perplexing up Jason’s damage and he chose not to secret identity. He TK’d over 1776 and charged with him to KO Tri-Sentinel. I TK’d Chaos 7 away from Leopard who didn’t have stealth now and perplexed my range to 7 to be outside his trait and damage to 6 to KO him with a Chaos attack putting me just 5 points behind. He got my Valeria with Sue through a barrier. I was about to attack with Chaos on 76 to get him to stop, then attempt to MC with Jason to move 76 over to Gaea to finish him off, but time got called before I could do any of it and Nate took the win 125-85, 1-1. 

Round 3 opponent was Brian P. who was playing Marvella x3, Mary Jane Watson, Punisher War Machine, Daredevil, 1776, venom harness (on Daredevil), reality gem (on MJ), soul gem (on PWM). He won map and put us on Ha Ha Hacienda. He moved up Daredevil, got the reality gem to MJ with Paparazzi, brought the soul gem to PWM and put up some barrier. I equipped. He got his figures equipped and stayed back with more barrier. I did some positioning and cleared as I didn’t have a way to get through all the barrier yet, I wasn’t close enough. He cleared and put up more barrier. I inched up, but without all the actions, I still wasn’t able to quite get there and get through.  He came in with Daredevil and got a hit on Vulture.  I brought in a Chewie and flurried on Daredevil with both Chewie and Vulture, just going for 6’s and got 2 of them in the attacks. He brought up PWM and finished off Vulture and Tri-Sentinel.  I brought in a Chaos and attacked with him, missing and used Oz to try and get another 6 off Daredevil.  He perplexed up Daredevil’s damage and activated the venom harness to one shot Jason. I was using who I could to try and get that last 6 token off of Daredevil but wasn’t successful.  He got out my Cadmus dude and time got called and I lost170-0, 1-2.

Round 4 was a mirror match against Ed AB.  His version of the team is Vulture, Jason, Valeria Von Doom, Trader, green Proteus, Tri-Sentinel, Dark Phoenix, octopus arms, spin ring and zero ring.  Huge advantage to winning map roll and Ed got it. He put us on WWE Arena and I immediately was kicking myself for not reviewing my mirror placement/first turn notes before the day started.  I forgot a little part of it and my first turn didn’t go as planned.  I spaced out the figures who would be left behind and not behind the barrier ok so that he couldn’t stack 2 charges off of 1 flurry and therefore not able to break through a barrier, but I misplaced the side steps and wasn’t able to close the barrier and that left an opening for him to get through.  Vulture did what Vulture does and chewed through my team on turn 2, so I lost 300-0, 1-3 and knocking me out of qualifying. 

As always, I had a blast and I’m glad I signed up to try.  I only wish that I was able to watch games in the evenings Swiss rounds, but there was no streaming.  Thankfully, the streamers were available for the top cut the next day and I got to watch the matches.  Congrats to Adam for another win this year! 

Next event coming up November 1st, the Eagle’s putting on a 2×2 tournament that’s extreme highlander.  Just need to finalize and confirm teams and get signed up. 

Until next time, xoxo