I Can’t Believe It’s Been More Than 6 Months

Single over half a year already? It feels like it’s gone by so fast! So how’ve I been with it since? I’m still sure that it was the right decision ending it. Other than my usual anxiety, I’m much calmer and relaxed (other than the work related stuff of course). I’ve most enjoyed just doing whatever I want without fear of judgement or having to explain. Not that I do anything crazy or off the wall, lol. I really am just a homebody that just goes out for work, heroclix, visiting friends and movies mostly.
I know it’ll be a while before I even consider dating again. Last time I got out of a long term relationship I was single for 6 years because I knew I wasn’t ready to be with anyone. I know I’m definitely not ready to be with anyone again yet. I really do enjoy my quiet alone time and I need it to ground and center myself. I know I need to work on myself before having someone share my life again.
Am I lonely? A little bit occasionally. I’m an affectionate and cuddly person so I definitely miss the hugs and closeness. But honestly, I’m enjoying the quiet aloneness more than I miss being close with someone.
Having had some company here and there the last few months has only cemented my feelings that I’m glad to be alone for now. Don’t take this the wrong way, I enjoy hosting and having company, but there were some of the little things that go along with having a full house got under my skin so easily and made me have the thoughts of being glad about being single. This helps cement the feeling that I know I’m making the right decision to not jump into another relationship yet.

Just wanted to share a quick update on how I’m doing with it all.

Until next time, xoxo