Another weekend of Heroclix!

Friday night I played in an online ROC Win A Map and came in 4th place playing my Vulture team. I didn’t take notes of the teams I faced, so of course I’m lousy at remembering exact details but I remember enough for a rough recap. Normally the Win A Maps are single elimination but there was a goof and an extra person signed up so we played 3 rounds, cut to top 2. Round 1 I won against Devin (not my local player, a US player) playing a Black Panther/Unseen/Mr.Oz/Flora team. I managed 2 crit hits in that game, which got me through the Super Senses of Black Panther and Unseen. I lost Vulture in that match. Round 2 I lost to Wes who was playing a Black Adam prime/Sheriff Strange/Daredevil/Alex Wilder/Tricentinal team. He put me on the Hedge Maze map and with no TK lines so I wasn’t able to get to him effectively and he whittled down my team, only losing his Tricentinal to a crit miss. Round 3 was against Jay and he was at my house so we played a proper game at the table. He was playing his undying team of Lockjaw/I.S.S.A.C./Daredevil/Iron Heart/Joker. He took out my team and I only scored Daredevil and ID cards.

Saturday there was a ROC Regional in Warren, Michigan at Eternal Games. 5 Canadians travelling this time. Mike, Jay, Tom, Devin and myself. We were crazy this time and did it as a 1 day trip instead of going the night before. This means that Mike came to pick us up at the super early time of 5am! With the terrible insomnia I’ve been having the last few weeks, this means I went on 2 hours of broken sleep. In fact, I’m home now at 11pm writing this and still feeling wide awake and unsure when I’ll be able to fall asleep, so why not write all this out while it’s still fresh in my head, right?! (and as I’m finishing this, it’s now close to 4am and I’m still wide awake)

This time, I was undecided on what team I was playing, right up until the event started. I’ve NEVER gone to an event with 2 teams and unsure of which to play. Everyone I asked had a different opinion on which I should choose between my Vulture team and a tweaked version of my Sam Cap/Shredder team. It was literally about 50/50! In the end I decided on the Sam Cap team because half of that build retires soon and I’m considering playing it at US Nationals so I figured this would be a good testing ground for it. The team consists of Sam Cap/Shredder Clone with Ocean Resurrection/I.S.S.A.C./Iron Heart/Tank/Kite Man/Groot/Boxing Ring and ID’s of Cyclops/Harley Quinn/Professor X/Chamber/Wolverine.

Round 1 was against Chris. He was playing the monster Whales team. I know if I’d’ve chosen my Vulture team I could have had a better match up to beat him and this team was going to be a tougher match. I give one of the Whales the Shredder Clone trait (I put a pink ID ring on the figure I choose). He moves up the Whales and Mini. I move up Kite Man and crew and Iron Heart moves up with I.S.S.A.C.. I Outwit the Quake on the pink ring Whale with Iron Heart and pass turn, not wanting to trigger any of his retal. He moves in with a Whale to Quake and misses because of the crazy high attack roll he’d need with Shredder in the AOE. He tries to kill Groot with a Seal throwing a light object and misses and then moves his Carnages to tie up Sam/Clone/Kite Man. I outwit the Plasticity on one of the Carnages and roll breakaway with Kiteman to move the group to be able to call in Wolverine to Flurry on the 2 Carnages and KO them. I had moved the group so that I was able to SideStep with Clone to take out both Surtur and Groot with the ping. After that I missed a whole ton of attack rolls, almost every single one in fact and he was able to KO most of my team. I had the potential to get stuff if any of my 6/7 rolls would’ve hit. Great fun game with Chris who won 300-101 and I was glad to finally face him in a game that wasn’t practice on roll20.

Round 2 was against Joe. He was playing monsters with 200pt Hulk chase from AD/Captain Venom/Surtur/Carnage. He wins map and puts us in Wizkids Office. He moves up to his objects on one side of the map with Hulk and Captain Venom and sidesteps the colossals. I move up Kite Man and group to the other side of the map, in one of the rooms to keep them protected. Move Iron Heart and I.S.S.A.C. into the boxing ring and move the Walking Woods to plug up the hallways over to Groot. He equips and does more Sidestepping with the colossals. I move Kite Man and group over near Surtur and Sidestep with Shredder to kill him. Then I call in Cyclops with Sam and shoot his Carnage. He comes into the ring with his guys. I make Gaia pog and Close Combat Expert Hulk, hitting him to his stop. Then shoot with Stellerax pog and hit with Psychic Blast. He comes over and kills Kite Man with him. I Sidestep with Shredder and ping him. Then punch him with Shredder and miss. Then call out Wolverine with Sam to Flurry on him and miss. I retaliate with Groot and miss. He runs off and hits Iron Heart. I move Sam and Shredder Closer. He kills Groot with Hulk and I.S.S.A.C. with Captain Venom. I kill his Captain Venom with Gaia. He clears Hulk. I move Shredder to ping him then Chaos uses Telekinesis to move Stellerax close enough to Running Shot him to death. I won 300-93.

Round 3 was against Mike. He was playing cosmic with Lockjaw/Unseen/Mr.Oz/Pip the Troll/Mangog/Groot. This was an absolutely crazy game. Mike equips Unseen with the Remaker ring. I move up Walking Woods and make a Stellerax pog that I move up. He moves up Unseen and Outwits Sidestep on Shredder and moves up the others nearby and moves Mangog forward. I move up with the group and call in Wolverine with Sam and Charge Flurry with him on Mangog. I end up with a hit on one of them after Probs and he rolls his Impervious. He picks Perplex with Lockjaw and rolls to click 6. He calls in Wolverine and has him Charge on Sam and hits. He retaliates on my Wolverine with Mangog and misses because some of the targets are inside the boxing ring which lowers his attack. I use Sam to call in Harley and Energy explode on his Lockjaw who is next to Mr. Oz. The token push kills Lockjaw and he gets the Super Sense roll on Mr. Oz. I move Shredder over to Mangog to ping him. I fail breakaway roll with Kiteman from Wolverine to be able to move Sam away from Harley to poof, so she stays on the map. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that Wolverine should have poofed when Lockjaw died. Because she was still on the map, he was able to retaliate on Harley with Groot and hits. Between 2 Walking Woods, he hits her again and again to KO her. He’s also able to KO Sam with another Walking Wood. Unseen isn’t in hindering at this point so I attempt to shoot him with Stellerax and miss. I attempt to Flurry with Walking Wood and miss. He Phases his team over to the far corner of the map. I move people to get a little closer to him but have no way to attack him from where I am because they’re all in Stealth. He calls in Wolverine and turns Shredder into the Shark. He Outwits my Sidestep. I take a move action with Shark and ping Pip. His team is double tokened, except Mr. Oz. He outwits my Toughness on the Shark and shoots, hitting him for 1. I call in Chamber to Poison Unseen and Pip and then to punch Pip to death, but as he’s putting Pip down on the map after clicking his dial from the Poison, time is called before I have a chance to declare the punch so Mike wins by 25 points. I only needed a 4 to hit and would have then been up by 15 points. SO CLOSE, just another 5 seconds! It was a great game that had my heart racing and my stomach doing flip flops the whole time. Final score, Mike wins 163-138.

Round 4 is against Adam. He’s playing a funky cosmic theme with Shade the Changing Girl/Ultra Chase Captain Marvel/Unseen/Mud Man/Mangog/Boxing Ring. It was a fun game but if I only knew then what I know now, I would have played this completely different. I don’t know what the outcome would have been, but I’d love a chance for a rematch. He moved up Marvel and Unseen to his objects. Shade came to right outside my starting area where he’d put a heavy object and tied up Kite Man. I failed the breakaway roll to move my team away. I Sidestepped Shredder to ping her. He retaliated with Mangog and pulled the sword. This was going to be a battle. He calls in Goldballs and injures Sam. I call in Wolverine and miss. I attack Shade with Shredder and roll a 5 or 6 on blades to kill her. He kills Sam with Mangog. He uses Marvel to Pulsewave Iron Heart and I.S.S.A.C. I retaliate with Groot and miss. I manage to kill Mud Man who’s made his way into the ring. He pulsewaves again killing Iron Heart and I.S.S.A.C. pogs. He also attacks Shredder, turning him into Shark. I Sidestep to giant reach punch and miss. He calls in chase Cyclops to Range Combat Expert to kill him. Time gets called and Adam wins 300-74.

Both Mike and I didn’t make the cut and seeing as there were 2 vehicles, we left and came home while Tom, Jay and Devin stayed. Tom and Devin were both in top 8 and Devin ended up winning! Congrats again! You’re on a roll!! Even tho I didn’t do well today, I had really fun and close games – even though the scores don’t look like they were close, they felt close. I never felt like I didn’t have a chance to come back from any of them except round 4 when I realized I made 2 critical mistakes. I shouldn’t have pinged with Shredder and I shouldn’t have placed my taxi figures on the front side of the starting area where they could be tied up. Learning experience! As always, great to see the players and spending a day playing the game I love to play.

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