Knee re-injury sucks – Booo!! (and mattress shopping!)

Well didn’t my knee give out on me again and I fell.  Booo!  I was out mattress shopping with my brother and I guess I must have twisted the wrong way as I went to sit on a mattress because BOOM, down I went.  My knee just went snap and gave out on me. The torn meniscus just isn’t healed yet.  I think I freaked out the sales guy and my dad and brother were concerned.  They all were wanting to help me get up but I just couldn’t move.  I knew I just needed a few minutes for the initial pain to settle and I’d be able to get up slowly on my own terms.  I was right. I was able to get up just a few minutes later.  It was more embarrassing than anything, sitting there on the floor and not able to get up right away.  I’m glad it was a really quiet store with no one else around!

While I was on the floor, my brother was checking out a gel topped mattress because he was curious about them.  But when he saw the price tag, he knew it was way out of his price range. He is making it a goal to be able to get one eventually tho – he said it was that comfortable. I wouldn’t know tho, because I never did get to try that one out.

When I was able to get up, the sales man took us over to a more affordable mattress.  This one was lower to the ground so I decided to lay on it as well to try it out.  Managed to get on without falling, yay!  It was quite comfortable.  The sales man mentioned something about no pressure points so you don’t wake feeling sore.  Then he mentioned the price.  It was a really good sale price, something about a factory sale.  I think it was about 50% off!  I’m not one to make really big purchases without a lot of research, but at that price, I decided to jump on it and get one for myself too.  You guys, I haven’t had a new mattress in over 20 years!  The mattress I’m using is one that I got when my son was an infant and he’s 21 now.  Definitely due for a new one!

Because I’m going away on vacation soon, I decided to wait to have it delivered until I get back.  There is a 100 night sleep guarantee.  So if I’m not comfortable after 3 months of sleep, I can exchange it for another mattress.  I didn’t want to waste 10% of the test time away on vacation and my brother was ok with waiting to get his after I get back too.

Walking back out to the car, I could feel my knee getting tight.  I knew as soon as I got home I needed to start with the ice and Ibuprofen, but at least for now I could still walk normally.  It was this way the last time too.  I was ok for the day, but when I woke up the next morning was when the swelling was so bad I could barely stand.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen this time.  When I woke the next morning, it was the same as I’ve been experiencing the last month.  A little sore and stiff to start but once I get moving, it’s ok.

Because my knee gave out the way it did tho, I decided to take the Dr’s advice and look for a knee brace for times when I’m out walking longer than normal.  I know I’ll be walking more when I’m in Vegas next week, so I want it to bring with me.  I can’t wait for it to heal completely so I can be back to normal again.

Have you gone mattress shopping recently?  How did you make the choice for which one you were going to get?

Until next time, xoxo