VEGAS BABY! Vacay and Heroclix!

Best week ever? I think so! When you can combine everything you love into one trip, it makes for a most excellent time.  I’ve been going through a lot of changes in my life lately and I made the decision that this trip would be about doing what I wanted to do.

Wednesday: You know from my Find A Flight gamble that I went a day early from when I needed to be there. I was *this* close to missing my connection.  My first flight was delayed just over an hour and I had an hour layover.  We made up a little time in the air and when we landed, I found out that my connecting flight was in another terminal.  I ran (as much as I was able with my torn meniscus) and *just* made it.   We pulled out of the airport less than 5 minutes from when I sat down.  Good thing I made it too.  Our plane was the last one to leave the airport for hours due to bad weather and I would have been stuck in the airport for at least 8 hours before they started allowing planes to leave. Grateful for really nice flight attendants who got me booked on the next flight, in the event I missed my first connection.  That’s how I know I would have been stuck in the airport for so long, my phone kept getting notifications of the delay on that next flight. Off to the Airbnb I was sharing with 7 other wonderful ladies. What a great way to network and learn from each other. 


Thursday: The next morning, the girls all headed over to their next Airbnb/hotel and I headed over to where I was staying with Miriam, the Excalibur. We got a notification that the room was ready nice and early, so I went to try and check in. Unfortunately, because my name wasn’t on the room, they wouldn’t give me the key, even with having the early check-in QR code. Thankfully, the gentleman assisting me at the counter was willing to help me out if I could get Miriam on the phone. I’m so glad she wasn’t on the airplane yet! I got up to the room and enjoyed some quiet relaxing time, a hot shower and a little rest before heading over to the M Resort to get my badge for conference and to check out the demo room. Being the info junkie I am, I grabbed all the info I could and then I made good use of the demo table. 

In the demo room, I also ran into a few team mates! I’m so glad I ran into people I knew so I wasn’t alone and we all headed to dinner together. The buffet in the hotel was amazing! I really enjoyed it. Highlights were the free hard cider and the creme brulee. Evening opening session was from 7-9. Found my upline leader for a selfie while waiting for it to begin. Miriam made it *just* in time for it to start. Biggest hugs ever! There was an amazing speaker for opening night, Jason Hewlett (check him out on youtube, he’s HILARIOUS!). When it was done, back to the hotel, off to find food, then early to sleep for the next day of conference.

Friday: Happy Birthday Miriam! I’m so glad she loves me so much that she was willing to spend her birthday with me at conference. This was the big info day. If you read about the Nashville conference, you know we changed ownership. Well head office was at it again! They announced the new name for the company again! Later that evening was awards and recognition.  We chose to skip it and go out for a birthday dinner for Miriam and have a drink and do a little gambling.  Perfect end to the evening.

Saturday: This was the last day of conference, but in the spirit of my trip, I chose to do what I wanted to do.  Believe me, it was a tough decision! You see, I’m an info junkie and like to know all.the.things.  Fortunately, in this electronic day and age, our leader was streaming the info sessions live onto Facebook, so I could access the info later.  So this allowed me to go play Heroclix!  It just so happened that there was a WKO happening the same day, not too far from where we were staying.  About 20 minute ride in a Lyft and I was there.  I love playing in new venues and with new people.  You learn so much by playing in different regions and facing different opponents.  For these Fall WKO’s, I’m going to 3 of them, so I’ll write up a separate post about all 3 of them. I was away from Miriam the whole day – gone from 8 in the morning until 9 at night, so she got to enjoy a quiet day to herself.  We went out for a late dinner, some more gambling and off to bed.

Sunday: Our first day of nothing planned. We decided that we wanted to see a show so we headed over to one of the discount ticket booths to see what was playing and make a decision.  We ended up choosing Cirque du Soleil Zumanity.  Our show wasn’t until the evening so we did some more gambling.  I sat at a machine for hours!  It kept paying and paying that I only had my initial $20 in it and never needed to add more.  I love when it happens like that!  As it was nearing showtime, we decided that we didn’t feel very hungry, so we waited to go out for dinner until after the show.  The show was good!  It was funny and quite burlesque like with some acrobatics.  After the show we decided to try out Shake Shack.  Chicken burger, cheese fries and of course a shake, butterscotch for me.  Really yummy and I’m so glad I went with the chicken.

Monday:  Our last full day. We decided to get a wristband for the buffet in our hotel.  It allows you to come and go anytime.  It was nice to get breakfast, then go in for a light lunch and back for dinner when we were ready – all for just one cost.  We mostly just relaxed, gambled and just enjoyed each others company.

Tuesday: Home time. Early morning off to the airport.  It was a much smoother flight home.  Left on time, connecting flight was in the same terminal and I had time to stop for food and the bathroom.  We again made up some time in the air and I arrived back home in Toronto earlier than expected and as always, my dad was early to pick me up so I didn’t have to wait.

All in all, a really good vacation.  Filled with everything I could have wanted.  I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Until next time, xoxo