Learning and Updating!

Y’all, I’m feeling so proud of myself! You see, this website I’m running here has been a constant learning process as I’ve self taught myself how to do all of it. I started with a plug n play theme so it would be easy – and it was! However, I’ve wanted it to do a few more things for me. So last night, when I was wide awake with my insomnia, I decided to tackle a few things!

The first thing I wanted to tackle was that pop up to subscribe to getting an email when I put up a new blog post. I didn’t like everything about the one I had! I hated the way it looked, how frequently it popped up and the limitations on what I could say in it.  So I found a different plug-in to try out and I was able to have it be exactly what I wanted!  It’s now the colours of my site and looks the way I want it with the wording I wanted. It also will now only pop up only once a month.  The cookies will track if you’ve already closed it and it won’t pop up again for 30 days.  It also will only pop up when going to the home page – not on every page you visit as you click through the site. So MUCH more user friendly. 

The second thing I wanted to do was update the icon that shows up in the tab of the browser from the WordPress W to my logo.  That one was easy once I looked it up.  A simple customization setting just needed the picture uploaded to it and bam, done! 

The third thing I wanted to do was create a landing page, similar to making a linktr.ee to share, but on my site instead of using an external app. I have the website, may as well use it and not have it elsewhere! This took many steps to learn. First I had to figure out how to make the images and format them so they were all a good size for the buttons. Then I had to learn how to add a URL to the pictures to make them clickable. The hardest part was learning how to format the landing page to take off the header and footer on that page, and only that page – not the whole site.  That took some actual coding, which I’ve never done before! Check out my new landing page to test it out! withemily.ca/click-me (or click that picture of it, I made it clickable).

Now I just need to get working on making new tutorials to fill my Tutorial page and YouTube with! 

I hope you all enjoy the updates and appreciate fewer of that horrible pop up I used to have. 

Until next time, xoxo