Pandemic Week 50

OMG! I’d just written about 1000 words and when I went to hit save, I got an error “unable to submit form, please refresh and try again” and lost it all! I hope I remember everything I said! Here we go with take 2 and a day late posting!

Let’s start with excitement!! I will be using lots of exclamation points here!! I set big goals for myself with the side biz for February.  Last month I hit the first rank of Copper. This month I knew I would be able to hit the second rank of Bronze fairly easily so I set my dream as the third rank of Silver. Why is this my dream goal for the month? If I hit the first 3 levels in the first 2 months of joining, I get Fast Start bonuses on top of the commission! I’m all for extra cash! Well wouldn’t you know, I did it!!  Down to the wire on the last day of the month, I hustled and messaged and did everything I could to get there. I of course didn’t do it alone – I couldn’t have done it without my team because they’re pushing to reach their goals too.  So we cheer each other on and share suggestions and got there as a team. Setting my sights on the fourth rank of Gold for March! This week I also put on Rose lashes.  She’s bigger than the Iris lashes I put on last week. I have to be careful of the angle I apply them because of my glasses – I have to be sure they’re applied going up and not out.  

I pushed past my fear of phone calls and made the call I needed to make to EI so that I don’t get in financial trouble. Seeing as I’m actually making some money again with a side biz, I needed to make sure it wasn’t going to interfere with receiving benefits. I’m feeling super grateful that after doing the initial form on the phone with a customer service rep (and feeling even more grateful that I have previous side biz experience to be able to have answers for some of the questions) – she said she’d need to put me on hold to see if there was someone higher up available to approve the change in my claim, otherwise I’d have to wait up to 3 weeks to have it approved and I wouldn’t receive benefits while it was waiting to be approved.  Thankfully, someone was!  Also, because I was at the time to make my claim, he had me do it while I was on the phone with him and he went in and approved it on the spot. How lucky is that!  I just want to make sure I’m doing things right. 

This week my FFFF order came in the mail. Unfortunately, what came was wrong.  I’d ordered a case and was sent a brick.  I emailed to let them know of the error and they apologized and offered either a refund or to shop in stock product on the site.  I said if they were expecting another order in, I would be happy to get the other brick, otherwise I’d like the refund.  They replied that they weren’t sure if they were getting more in or not and refunded me.  I had a suggestion to check if another store had a brick to sell and they did! Mike offered to take me to the other store to get the brick on Saturday.  Wouldn’t you know, 2 days later the first store got more product in?  Not very good communication going on there and they lost my order of the other brick.  I am glad to have gotten the 2nd brick and was able to have good conversation and seeing a friend for a little bit on the ride. The kiddo and I have been playing sealed with the bricks and having a blast. I got most of what I wanted between the bricks, but too many duplicate Rares that I’ll need to trade. I’ll make my list of it all once we’ve finished playing our sealed games and I have all the cards together to sort it all out.  

I’m super proud of myself for another thing I did last week too. I tweaked this website to make it do  more of what I want it to do to make it more user friendly. It was all self taught – like everything is on here and I’m excited that I got it all to work!  If you want to read about all the changes I made, I wrote a post about it right before this one. 

I didn’t do so well at my change goals this last week though. I  haven’t been doing well with getting enough produce or water as I’d like.  I haven’t been moving as much as I want to be. My sleep is still pretty terrible. I recognize and accept that it’s ok to not be perfect, I’m human and sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation. I’m still strong, I can pick back up and all will be ok. I can be gentle on myself. I’m glad that I did not feel in a deep depression, so I take that as a win, it just wasn’t an easy self motivation week. 

I’m looking forward to this week as I have FedEx tracking that shows my bulk order is arriving and coming in it is orders for some customer plus some of the new gel nail wraps for myself.  This means that I’ll be able to get going on my filming of new Tutorials to write up for here and get up on YouTube. 

I think that’s about it around here for this week. 

Until next time, xoxo