Pandemic Week 49

Well – here we are with another extension to the lockdown in Toronto until March 9. Who knows when this is going to end when they keep extending it! I can’t believe that I’m still writing these as we’re nearing a full year. Who would have thought?! Now with the variants becoming slowly the most dominant strain, it’s only all the easier to catch if you come in contact with it. 

I’ve been struggling emotionally a whole lot this week. I’m having all kinds of feeling that I’ve taken note of to bring up in therapy at the next appointment so I don’t forget. Not feeling good enough and lacking a whole bunch of confidence. So many times this week that I’ve just broken down into tears for feeling overwhelmed. Of course, that’s not helping the sleep issues I’ve been having again lately. The insomnia is certainly real. I really need the world to open back up so I can get back to work and get back on a schedule. I try and do it myself, but it’s hard when I know that there’s nothing to rush to wake for.

I got my first bulk order in for the new side biz and we had Gel Strips launch early! They had initially said mid March for the launch but surprised us on Friday that the stock came in early and let us have at it. I’m already so close to going up another rank in the company and there’s still another week to get there! Now that Gel Strips are out, I’m going to try for another bulk order if there’s interest. We’re also about 3 weeks away from the pre-launch for Canadians to join! The count-down is on!  Are you reading this and want to check out more about the lashes or nails or the self care tips I share every day? Come check out my group!

I’m impressed with myself that I’m still staying within calories, planking and using Ring Fit most days. I’m down another 5 pounds, which feels awesome to see on the scale! I’m doing all these changes for health and feeling better – but losing pounds is certainly a great side effect of it.

I tried out a polygel kit for the first time. Not bad at all. Definitely got the strength I was looking for, but I did a few of them a little too thick. I think I need to invest in one of those little handheld drill things for nails like they use in the salon so I can sand them down easier – especially the edges around the cuticle. I did them fairly short – just past my fingertips. If I keep using it, I think I just want to have it the length of my actual nails once they grow a little with the gel on it and not like a fake tip. I hope that the new Gel Strips will work on them – I’m certainly going to try it out!

I had a online Switch playdate with one of my son’s friends mom. He thought that we’d get along and feels like we have stuff in common, so he set it up. We definitely had fun! We visited each other Animal Crossing towns and have been sending each other presents. I’m sure we’ll do it again sometime and maybe once the world opens up go out for coffee to meet for real. It was super sweet of him to introduce us. It’s different being an adult and not have many opportunities of meeting friends vs when in school and you’re always around others.

That’s about it in my little world this week.

Until next time, xoxo