Pandemic Week 48

Happy Valentines! Trying my best to not let the all the focus on couples affection of the days leading up to love day get to me. I’m super happy for my friends and family who have their person but when I’ve been having a few weeks where loneliness has been weighing heavy, it’s a hard time to see social media flooded with more reminders of being alone than usual.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy being single and love my quiet alone time, but I’m also human and really missing hugs and affection. I’m still not looking to date at all – but also not ruling it out if conversations would lead me to a connection with someone. It feels like it’s gone by really fast, but I’ve been single for almost 2.5 years now. Ending that last relationship was definitely best for my mental health and I have zero doubts about it being the best thing I could have done for myself. I’ve had the thought a few times in this lockdown that I’m glad I ended it before COVID hit as I know my mental health would be even worse than it has been. 

So I’m just going to love on myself and do things I enjoy.  My focus has been on self care and I’m sure as heck incorporating a whole bunch of it in to make me feel good. Spa day of face mask, relaxing bath, new mani and comfy pj’s while watching a movie. I’m going to love on the family too and surprise them with making hot chocolate bombs that I was going to make over Christmas but couldn’t find the energy to make. 

I’ve been doing really well with staying on track with my goals. I worked out with the Ring Fit for 6 out of 7 days and one of the levels was super squat heavy and oh boy do I ever feel the back of my thighs!  Last week was really feeling the shoulders.  I love that the levels switch up which part of the body it works so it doesn’t over-do it. I’ve been enjoying the custom level making too where I can combine exercises to do back to back without the story line if I want to get it in a little quicker. 

Doing well also with the increasing produce.  I can’t tell you how much I’m loving having tons of frozen fruit in the freezer.  Overall I’m doing well of staying within my calories as well. Not always the best choices, but at least the portions are what they’re needed to be. 

Sleep is still not great.  Most of the week I was up passed 6am and up before 11am.  Then getting exhausted fast and passing out for a nap.  I don’t like this at all and really want it back to a more normal schedule.  I did get tired early on Friday and passed out a 1am and slept until 10am – so that was better, but it went back to lousy Saturday.  I almost never remember my dreams and I don’t remember the whole thing, but I had the strangest wake up Saturday morning.  I was dreaming that I was at a meeting or something with work people and someone had brought leftover cake from another event and when I took a bite it was dry in my throat and made me cough and I woke up actually coughing and it took a few minutes for the coughing to subside – even water wasn’t helping. 

I’m loving that my house has a few less items this week.  I listed some stuff on a give away free site and they were all claimed and picked up.  It feels great to be getting rid of stuff and also not contributing to the landfill and helping another family get something they want or need in the process. 

The new side biz is keeping me on track with all this self care stuff.  I love how much everyone in my group is loving the daily posts on self care ideas so it’s helping keep it all in the forefront of my mind.  I’m also getting a whole lot better at applying the lashes.  Practice certainly makes it better and I’m getting better at putting the adhesive on as a thinner line and closer to my natural lashes so it’s the most natural looking. The excitement was high when a good friend of mine joined my team and she’s excited to work the business as well.  I can’t wait until the official launch in Canada comes. 

Heroclix this week was a few games with my son again, practicing the same teams.  I’m debating if I want to change up all the little Friends of Humanity for a different piece.  I also observed a practice game between Jay and Devin and we were in a discord chat for a while just talking building teams.  We’re all feeling a little out of the loop on what’s currently being played as we haven’t played in anything in a few months, but the social aspect of it was very much needed. 

That’s about it for this week! Love and hugs friends. 

Until next time, xoxo