Pandemic Week 47

Stay at home order was extended but they’re looking to slowly start opening up some of the businesses that are closed with strict restrictions in the coming weeks.  I don’t know yet where my job fits in the upcoming openings. 

This week felt a little quiet. I’m still on the really crappy sleep schedule, which is throwing any kind of routine out the window. I end up with 6-8 hours of sleep over the day, but it’s very broken. I keep falling asleep around 6am and waking around 10am and then crash for a nap in the early afternoon – sleeping anywhere from another 2-4 hours.

With the broken sleep, I’ve not felt completely rested and that’s having an affect on my motivation. I HAVE been still doing a bunch of the changes I’ve put into place for myself: the plank challenge every day, working out with the Ring Fit most days, getting in my produce goals most days and staying within calories most days. The only thing I haven’t done as well with is the decluttering and knocking stuff off the to-do list. But with how my mental state has been, I’d say I’m doing ok with my goals. Especially when I type it all out like this and see how much I’m actually doing vs the feeling like I’m not doing enough.

I’ve also been doing well with posting consistently on social media – especially my VIP group. It’s been an exciting week with the new journey too! My package arrived with my lashes finally – so I got to make a fool of myself as I went live to unbox it all and try them on for the first time. I think I did alright for a newbie and got to show that they’re easy, even for the first time. Not perfect though, but practice will help with that. I can’t wait to have a restful night so I can put them on again early and get some good pictures in natural light! Then, once I’m comfortable with them, I’m looking forward to making some new tutorial videos to get that part of this site back up again! I also got my first email from the company saying I have cash in my account from them! I ended my first month actually ranking up and that was my first fast start I hit that got paid out already! I love getting emails saying I have cash!! What a great start to a new company.  We also got the date that we will be officially launching in Canada (April 1) as well as pre-launch date for early sign ups (March 15).  So now I’m working on trying to find people who want to get in at ground floor with me with the early sign ups.  What an exciting time!

The kiddo has been super sweet and when he hears that I’m awake, he makes me a tea as he makes one for himself – so that’s been really nice and comforting getting to relax in bed with a nice hot cup of tea some days. He’s also been asking most days to play Heroclix, so that’s fun too.  I’m having fun playing Omega against his Vulcan team.

I think that’s about it here this week. 

Until next time, xoxo