Pandemic Week 37

Well I finally got a good nights sleep at a normal hour! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to say that. Monday I had an order come in that a few others had hopped in on to save shipping, so I had to walk to the mailbox to send them off as well as walk to one of their homes because they live fairly close to me and I was able to no contact drop it in her mailbox. I really haven’t felt up to leaving the house, so it’s been a while since I’ve gone for a walk. I was gone probably 40 minutes and it felt so good to be out of the house and in the fresh air and getting my body moving is probably what helped me fall asleep earlier. That also means I woke earlier and with the rest of the house still asleep, I had some great quiet alone time and indulged myself in hallmark Christmas movies. That good night of sleep was short lived though as the rest of the week it fell apart again. Both because my anxiety has been high, but also because I’ve been in physical pain. 

My back has felt wrecked all week so any kind of movement has been painful – including trying to change positions sleeping. I don’t really know what happened, I went to bed fine and woke in pain. Ice packs, heating pad, alternating Aleve and Advil – and it got so bad that I had to send the boy to the pharmacy to also get muscle relaxers because the spasms got so bad one night. Thankfully they helped and I haven’t had to take too many of them. Trying to move as I’m able so I don’t stiffen up even more and make it worse.  I was suggested by a friend to do a restorative yoga session and she linked me to a YouTube video that I did and it was FANTASTIC.  Some were stretches I was already doing intuitively before watching it – but it felt wonderful to be guided through it. As a plus, it also has similar qualities in the vocals to my meditations – including reminders to do things like unclenching my jaw. I will definitely be doing that more often.    

I took some more time for myself this week and changed out my mani too, even though no one will be seeing it. Last time we were locked down, I went a while between changing up my designs because I wasn’t going out. A few days ago I broke a nail which messed up my lacquer strip I had on. Instead of just taking it off, I put on something new – as self care – because it makes me feel good. No one will see it in person, but I can take pictures and at least put it up on my social medias. This one is a gel strip and went on so smooth and easy and feels great for an autumn mani.

I really haven’t done anything else exciting or noteworthy the last week as I was mostly just staying still from the back pain.  It’s not quite so bad as the week is ending – I can move without pain now, but needing to take Advil still (I can go longer between taking it now, which is great). Hopefully next weeks update will be fully healed!

Until next time, xoxo