Pandemic Week 38

Early Merry Christmas to myself – lol. I did some shopping this week and treated myself to a bunch of stuff. With all the time spent at home, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time being comfortable in pajamas. So with the Black Friday sales on, I had a new nightgown shipped to me. Oversized, super long and black with little stars on it. It’ll be perfect for wearing on overnight road trips once the world opens back up.

I also splurged on a bigger purchase – I have a feeling that what threw my back out is a combination of not enough movement and being in a too soft bed for too long at a time. It’s a new mattress that I bought myself 2 years ago when I broke up with the ex, so it’s not like it’s an old bed, but it is softer than my last mattress. While it’s comfortable, it’s just not very supportive. So what I have coming is a firm organic latex mattress topper to hopefully help make the surface not as soft. I had to put it on the line of credit and will work on paying it off once I’m back to work. I just got the shipping notification today and it’s due to arrive in the next 7-14 days – we know how slow the shipping is with the combination of the pandemic online shopping/getting caught up from Black Friday sales/regular holiday mail.

Speaking of shipping, I’ve had my eye on a tracking number with great excitement for a surprise gift to get to a friend. As of today it just crossed the border and is due to arrive Friday and I can’t wait for their reaction!

Also speaking of my back, it’s still pretty sore but it’s definitely better than when I was writing about it last week. I’m no longer needing to have constant otc pain meds on board and am just taking something maybe once a day now. I am still using the heating pad quite frequently, but just for little bursts at a time.

I also made it out of the house. I needed to make a trip out to the store as I realized I was out of Christmas cards from my stash of cards. So I combined it into a trip to pick up things I knew I was running low on so I could stay out of the stores again for quite a while. I stocked up on thank you cards for any random orders I get and also stamps to send all these cards out with. I noticed I was running low on some of my vitamins too, so I grabbed new bottles of those as well. It was really nice getting out of the house for a walk again – both the fresh air and moving my body. I don’t always do Christmas cards, but I’m feeling to do a few this year as a way of reaching out and touching base and putting some smiles on faces. I’ll be filling them out while continuing to watch these Hallmark Christmas movies and it’ll be another excuse to go for a walk to put them in the mailbox.

We’re not really doing anything for Christmas around here this year other than our usual meatball sub tradition with drinks for Christmas Eve, probably a special dinner (maybe pot roast if it goes on sale between now and then?) for Christmas day and biscuits for breakfast with brown sugar/nutmeg sauce. We’re not doing gifts at all, but everyone around here enjoys hot drinks and with the big craze of hot chocolate bombs – I have a silicone mold coming and while out today I also stopped into the Bulk Barn for some milk chocolate melts to make the coating and I already have a huge tin of powdered hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows – so I’m going to surprise the family with those as a little token gift. Fingers crossed the silicone mold comes in time! I’ll share pics of course when I make them!

So other than working on healing the back, it’s been a pretty normal week of watching movies, playing on the switch and doing some knitting. 

I hope you’re all doing well out there! 

Until next time, xoxo