Pandemic Week 55

Well, here we go into another minimum 4 week lockdown. This time it’s province wide, but seeing as us in Toronto have stayed in grey the whole time since November, it doesn’t feel like too much of a change here. Stores are still open (with limited capacities of 50% and 25% depending on the type of store), schools still open and church still open (15% capacity). Things like grooming, gyms and entertainment are closed. 

I played my top 16 game last week and got knocked out. This means I was able to finish writing my tournament report and got that posted a few days ago. I’m thrilled just having made the cut and I plan to watch the rest of the games being played – the match ups look like they’re going to be really good games! 

I got out for a walk one day last week for a post office run to mail some packages for orders that came in with the last bulk order.  I can’t wait for my customers to receive them and see pictures of them wearing their nails and lashes.  It was gorgeous out the day I went – a little cool and windy, but not terrible.  The sun was out and felt great on my face – and bonus, got a great new nailfie picture of my new mani. 

Business was good, ending the month strong and busy.  I got another YouTube tutorial filmed and posted too – still working on getting 100 subscribers so I can customize my URL.  I’m slowly getting the written posts up here for my Tutorial page here, this one will be up in time once I get to it.  I’m counting down the days until May 1st when we launch in Canada.  I’m still most happy with my group where I’m posting about daily self care – prompting myself to keep caring for myself.  I hope others are loving seeing them and maybe adding in some of the little acts each day to make themselves feel amazing too. 

Another therapy session last week.  I was glad to have had it as I had some rough moments of tears and strong feelings of anxiety and loneliness. We had a great talk about trying to prepare some words to have ready for different situations so the unknown won’t feel so scary if I feel a little readier for whatever outcomes could happen.  I’ve also had some great moments of socialization – surrounding the heroclix games mostly, but a few other times as well. I’ve also changed my wallpaper on my laptop to a new phrase.  It used to say “you got this” and now it says “don’t feel guilty doing what is best for you”.  That phrase came up and really resonated with me. So as usual, I like to keep it in the front of my mind by seeing it often. 

I’m really struggling finding the motivation for much movement or even just getting dressed. I hate how hard it is to find that motivation when I have no specific reason to get up and get stuff done. When I was working, that really kept me going and was a way to force myself to get stuff done. It’s so much more difficult with these lockdowns and staying home. Of course, I’m still looking for the positives and I’ve got that with my produce goals.  I did move twice though, so better than zero.  The walk to the post office and played with the Ring Fit once. 

I took a bunch of time reading again too and finished the books I borrowed from the library digitally 2 days before they were due back – whew! Just in time.  3 books in 3 weeks. I really enjoyed reading them and now I need to look up what the next books are in the series to grab them next.  In the meantime, I have a friend who does some writing and I picked up a few of her short stories, so I’ve got those to keep me going in the meantime.  I’m really enjoying taking this time to read, it’s been a while! 

That’s about it for me for this week!

Until next time, xoxo 

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  1. You are wickedly inspiring I love reading your life goals as they come to fruition. Your amazing

    Don’t ever forget that.

    1. Thank you so much for reading friend <3. I'm all for just being real and being myself - which includes the ups and also the downs. So long as we pick ourselves back up and keep falling forward then life is good. Miss you!

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