Pandemic Week 56

Back into stay at home order until at least May 6th now and in our city, the schools are closed now too. So back to only leaving the house for essential reasons and only being with people you live with again. Where I live is a Hot Spot area – the provincial government announced this week that people who live in certain postal codes will be able to get the vaccine if they’re over 18. They haven’t yet said details on when or where – but very soon our household is in one of the listed postal codes and we all will be able to get it way ahead of when we thought we were going to be able to. 

We had a nice family movie night this week and decided to rent Wonder Woman 1984. It was really nice to hang out together and all of us unplugged and enjoyed the movie. We made a night of it with ordering take out and having a family date night.  The kiddo and I had another movie night too, courtesy of Netflix, when it was a boring TV night. 

I got to watch all the top 8 games of heroclix for the tournament I got knocked out of.  I love that I’m still connecting and involved with the social aspect of it all and getting to see some amazing games in the process.  Everyone is such good players and I love seeing the choices they do – especially ones different than I would have chosen or ones I didn’t see they could do. That’s a way I learn to be a better player. 

I’ve spent some time sitting outside on the back deck a bit. The weather has been gorgeous most days.  One of the days I was out there, I heard a whole bunch of birds singing.  When I looked around, I noticed a few houses over, they had a bird feeder that was attracting a bunch of birds.  It was silent outside except for the birds and it felt so nice to listen to them and feel connected to nature. 

My sleep is still pretty terrible in terms of falling asleep but thankfully once I fall asleep I’m able to get a decent amount of hours slept. I’m trying to just allow it to be what it is right now, especially being in this stay at home order – it’s not like I have anywhere to be at any specific time.  I find myself quite groggy though too and end up crashing for a nap.  It’s hard not having any time dependent things while in lockdown like this. Doing well with produce and staying within calories but the movement not so much.  I noticed I did way better with it when I was doing that plank challenge – so I’ve started that back up again. 

Even though I’ve had these great moments this week, I’ve also had a super heavy anxiety weighing over me. I keep shaking my leg, can feel the heaviness in my chest, on the verge of tears and my heart racing. My head won’t stop racing too and I don’t want to do anything, which means depression is creeping in too. I hate having these hard days. I keep trying to find the positives and focus on that, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do when my head wants so hard to not find them. 

I’m thinking of starting another weekly post on here.  I want to do more focusing on self care.  My thought is to pick a different way to practice self care each week and chat about how I incorporate that into my life.  I do this daily in my VIP group on Facebook, but it’s a private group and not something that’s accessible to anyone in a search. I hope you’ll all enjoy those and find them helpful.  Let me know what you think!  Do you have a suggestion on what I should call it? 

That’s about it around here this week.  Miss you all so much and I can’t wait until I can see faces again. 

Until next time, xoxo