Pandemic Week 57

Here we are in Toronto with even more lockdown restrictions as of this week.  The stay at home order has been extended an additional 2 weeks – which takes us until at least May 20th now.  They’ve also got tighter restrictions (some of which were mellowed just a day later…) including closing outdoor spaces, giving authority to police to ask why you’re out and where you live and restricting cross provincial borders. Most police departments in the province said they were not going to pull people over without cause and the parks were reopened as well. 

The hot spot lowering of ages for vaccines to 18+ that was announced last week hasn’t really happened yet.  There were only a very small handful of the listed postal codes that have been given their mobile pop up clinic to do so yet.  However, just as I was about to come start writing about this week, I saw an article saying that pharmacies and doctors offices will be able to give the doses to 40+ starting Tuesday. I’m 42, so I’ll have two ways to look for a spot now, starting this week and we’ll see which I find first with an available spot – a pharmacy or a mobile pop up clinic for my postal code. 

This was the last week of play for the suicide prevention charity heroclix tournament.  I watched the rest of the games and even pushed through my anxiety and I active judged a top 4 game when Jay wasn’t able to make one of them. I’m glad I knew the answers to the couple questions they had and I even had to make a ruling. I really enjoyed watching all the games and congrats to Lucas for going undefeated the whole tournament for the win. 

This week started with high anxiety and was pretty much there the whole week, but today was the lowest it’s been for the week. I’m tired of all the overwhelming stuff that feels like it’s piling up in layers. My sleep is still pretty off, but I’m getting a solid 6 hours on average.  I keep getting exhausted a few hours after I wake and end up napping.  I’m doing well with the produce and calories – we did take out one night and instead of something heavy and fried, I got a delicious cobb salad. It’s been a long time since I was this consistent with having at least 5 servings of produce a day and I’m feeling great for it.  The movement has been ok.  I’ve been doing well with doing the plank challenge every day and I did a couple walks (some just in my bedroom on the spot) and squats as well.  

One of those walks was to post office and surprised how busy it was. We are in a stay at home order and only supposed to go out for essential reasons.  This was an order for a customer and I had put the order in before this stay at home order, so I wanted to get it to her.  I can’t wait until May 1st when we launch in Canada and people can place orders direct on my site and shipped to them instead of me needing to do bulk orders.  On my way home after that walk, I sat in the park to enjoy the outside a little longer.  Connecting with nature and quiet alone time to feel free.  There was no one else in the park so I was even able to take off my mask.  I need to take another walk soon to get new mani pics in the sun because I did my nails with a new design. 

I ended the week with a friend date night playing Animal Crossing with Amber on the Switch while we chatted over Discord. She came to visit my town and I gave her a tour, gave her all my duplicate DIY recipes, extra music and fruit she didn’t have yet.  I also had shooting stars in my town that night so we caught some stars too. Her daughter and my son both hopped on the other Switch and joined us too – so it was a whole family affair and we had a blast.  It was great to connect with her and have some fun.  It was a great distraction for both of us and a way to feel social while still at home. 

I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. 

Until next time, xoxo

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  1. Great to hear about the Animal Crossing family fun! This week I am looking forward to Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary hopefully hitting stores. Are you anticipating any essential pieces from the set?

    1. Thanks for reading! It was fun!! I’m looking forward to the WW80 set too! I haven’t looked at the set too close to pick out what I’m looking forward to yet, I just love getting new product. TBH, I don’t do well with just reading a card – I need to play the piece to get a real feel for what it does.

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