Pandemic Week 9

This week felt like it went by really fast for me. Did it feel like that for any of you? I’ve felt moments of happy and calm again this week in between the low and anxious feelings. I’m glad that I’ve got these moments of feeling okay this last while. Even tho it’s not all the time, I’ll take it!

I actually had 2 days this week where I slept about 8 hours solid too. The other days were still all over the place, including crashing between 9 and 10 for a few hours then being up all night, but at least I’m having a few days of solid sleep now. I’m also still making it out to walk about every other day in the evening. Its great getting fresh air and moving my body.

I had some productive days this week including making homemade dinner rolls again to go along with homemade soup for dinner. I also cut some of the fabric to make some masks. I only have enough elastic to make about 6 masks so I ordered some more online as well as ordered some plastic coated wire pieces to sew into the nose area.

I’m still enjoying killing time with the games – I even came 3rd one time when playing Tetris 99, my best finish yet. I also actually felt to play heroclix this week. I put together a team and played a couple of games on roll20 with Jay. No time limit, just getting to know the pieces. I think I need to make a change to it because it’s really missing having Leadership on it. But it was nice to just chat and play for a few hours with no high expectations. We had some random drop ins in the room too which was nice for more conversation.

Some good news this week. My house will soon be back to the normal amount of people here. Our extra house guest has got a flight booked in 3 weeks to get back home.

I do have a rant to vent about. I’m irritated with Rogers. My contract for internet/tv was finished in March. I cancelled my plan a few days before the contract was due to renew (at a much higher amount). At the same time, we changed and had the services for the internet/tv in my sons name because he works for Rogers and gets discounts on the services. When I was on the phone cancelling my services, they said I wouldn’t be penalized for not returning the equipment because the stores were closed (it was right as the lockdown started when I cancelled). A few weeks ago I got a bill for the final end amount due, but it was the wrong amount – a full month and not just the last couple days. So I called and got that fixed and paid the final amount. While on the phone I asked again about the equipment I wasn’t able to return yet and they assured me that it’s okay and I can wait until stores reopen to return it. Didn’t I get an email this week saying I owe $790?! And then 3 calls from account services asking when I’m going to pay it?! I confirmed that the charges were for unreturned equipment and they said yes and to call another number and they’ll send me a box to return it. Why did they not give me that option in the first place when I kept asking about getting the equipment back to them with stores closed. Anyways, the box is due to arrive on Tuesday for me to get the equipment back to them.

I always think I don’t have much to write about and it turns into a full post super quick.  Thanks as always for reading – love you all and hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.  I’m always here to listen if you need someone to chat to.  Please don’t struggle alone. 

Until next time, xoxo